School teacher ‘brainwashing primary kids to write jihadis supportive letters’

From the Express

A SCHOOL teacher has been teaching primary school children into writing letters to jihadis in Syria. 

The letters – which are written in childish handwriting – are addressed to fighters in the war-torn country and are believed to have been written in an afternoon class. They refer to terrorists as “diamonds among stones” and even call them “heroes” – while they also vow support for savage acts and are signed off with decorative handprints. 

One of the letters is written to “my brothers” in Jabhad Al-Nusra – a jihadist militant group.  Another letter refers to the mujihideen as “all our heroes and role models” and even states that when they are made “mothers of sons we will send them to you to become heroes like you”. 

The teacher, who has been allegedly “brainwashing” children at an unnamed British school tweeted their work under the Twitter handle @irhabiyya_18 – which reportedly translates “terrorist_18”. She tweeted: “Lil kids put their heads together to ‘post’ letters to the muhajideen.”

The worrying letters were picked up by American think tankThe Middle East Media Research Institute. Terrorism expert Hannah Stuart warned the teacher could be duping the families of the children who may not share the same views as her. The Twitter profile used by the teacher suggests she has close contact with jihadi fighters and even features sickening images of beheadings. 

The teacher described the letter below as her favourite. The handwriting is childlike but the sentence structure sounds a little older to me than the writing suggests. The child uses the word ‘muallima’. I looked it up; it can be a female first name, it is the title of at least one female Islamic scholar, it seems to mean teacher in general, AND it appears to be associated with the Uzbec language and the Balkans. I wonder…?

Pictures from the Daily Mail website which had better resolution.