Scots documentary maker reveals Shamima Begum was actively involved with IS terrorism

From the Scottish Daily Express

Shamima Begum has been claimed to have given speeches in praise of suicide bomber she she joined Islamic State in Syria, according to a refugee the terror group took prisoner.

A Yazidi sex slave made the claims as Begum renews her legal battle to return to the UK, claiming she was trafficked to the Middle East as a schoolgirl. . .  The Yazidi sex slave said in an interview with an independent film maker that Begum addressed an English-speaking audience while others spoke to German, French and Arabic groups.

Scots ex-squaddie Alan Duncan spoke to the victim he says she was forced to become a sex slave for an Arab IS fighter and made to attend the mosque. Mr Duncan, who previously fought Islamic State in Syria, has also travelled to Ukraine this year to offer medical aid and support following Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The eyewitness told him that Begum, now 23, and a friend were giving talks in Islam inside the Al-Nur Mosque in the Syrian city of Raqqa, preaching the same message. She said: “She was giving information about who wants to go for fighting and who wants do suicide attacks. She had a paper to record names.”

The woman said she with her friend who is now also living outside of Syria and Iraq witnessed Begum deliver her ‘lessons’ over 40 days at the mosque. The Yazidi woman noted that Begum admitted the suicide attacks were voluntary, she urged members of the audience to sign up, she added: “She was encouraging us to record our names by saying you will not die after the suicide, you will be in paradise.”

Mr Duncan, from Elgin, Moray, spoke to the victim because he had made documentaries highlighting the plight of the Yazidi girls and women . . . He told the Scottish Daily Express: “She [Begum] was basically recruiting suicide bombers. The question I have is how many did she recruit and how many are now sitting in camps waiting to come back to Britain? These women haven’t got a shred of empathy, sympathy or regret, none. Show me one time when Begum has ever shown any sort of real regret.”


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