by Phyllis Chesler

As in Europe, no-go zones are controlled and patrolled by armed thugs and gangs who prey upon their own people. It is far too dangerous for police and for non-Muslims or rather, for non-Islamists. White folk, Jews, media are not welcome and enter at their own risk.

Now, we have a no-go zone of our own. One that is also increasingly armed.

The mass media does not present it as such.

For example, the New York Times has, almost overnight, turned into the Amsterdam News and now devotes 80% of its photographs, news articles, op-ed pieces, Obits, and features on Culture (art, dance, books, theater) mainly to African-American work and to a lesser extent to work by Hispanic- and Asian-Americans, and by Muslims of color. Yes, they also feature the occasional “queer” and transgender cultural worker.

Now, it’s true: If such films, paintings, music, dance, and books were almost never covered or viewed, then the rather overwhelming correction is justified and timely. I just do not think this is true. But perhaps it is, perhaps we all got used to nothing but white faces, issue after issue. If so—Top editor Dean Baquet’s decision to forcefully drive the Black Lives Matter/Racist Police Brutality narrative is both holy—and somewhat deranged.

As are the demands of the Free Seattle No-Go zone people. Free “stuff.” Free college education, free health care, rent controlled housing—and black doctors for black patients.

Are they segregationists? Or are they coming from a place in which non-black doctors are known to have mistreated and neglected black-only patients?

You decide.