Secret Plan Excerpts of the Bashir Regime Reveal Strategy to Influence US Lifting Sanctions

by Lt. Gen. Abakar M Abdallah, Jerry Gordon and Deborah Martin

In our New English Review/Iconoclast article, Secret Plan of the Bashir Regime Reinforces Rejecting Lifting Sudan Sanctions, we revealed key revelations contained in the “Top Secret” minutes of The Security Intelligence and Political Committee of Crisis Management held in the Office of the Director of the Sudan National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on June 18, 2017. The secret document had been obtained by a reliable informed source and was translated.

Attending the Khartoum meeting were the power elite of the reigning National Congress Party (NCP) regime: President Bashir, Vice President Backri Hassan Salih, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Gandur, Minister of Defense Awad bn Ouf, Hamid Momtaz Secretary of NCP political affairs, and State Minister in the Ministry of foreign affairs, General Mohamed Atta al Mola Director of NISS, General Ibrahim Mohamed al Hassan, Commander of Military Intelligence, Ibrahim Mhamud Vice President of NCP and Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer President of Parliament.

The minutes of this Crisis Management Committee revealed the broad sweep of plans for assassination of a major Sudan resistance commander in the Nuba Mountains and senior Officers supporting him. It also addressed sponsorship of international ISIS terrorist activities in the Sahel region of Africa, especially in Libya, and the global Muslim Brotherhood Organization. It elucidated web of deception in the Bashir regime’s influence campaign in Washington, DC to lift sanctions by the Trump Administration. 

 These top secret minutes also reflect the Bashir regime’s position in the current dispute between Qatar and four Arab Countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain and Egypt. It reveals that relations with Iran secretly continue despite the public cutoff in 2015.  

The revelations in this NISS document further the case of the letter signed by Members of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee sent to President Trump on June 30, 2017. The following are excerpts from a translation  of  the Sudan NISS Crisis Management Committee at the June 18, 2017 meeting.  We have links to both the complete minutes in both the original Arabic and the English translation.  Links to Arabic original and English translation.

Among the minutes that appear disturbing are these key points:

1. Admission that Sudan supports and funds terrorism, despite public expressions to the contrary;
2. They support Qatar, Turkey and the political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and oppose Saudi, UAE and Egyptian criticism.
3. They support the objectives of political Islam of both the Islamic State and the Iran.
4. They would assist in redeploying ISIS fighters and infiltrate them via South Sudan to link up with Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabaab in Somalia.
5. They would send ISIS fighters to join affiliiates in Libya to overthrow the Libyan National regime of Gen. Khalid Hafter backed by US, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
6. They prevailed upon Saudi King Salman to convince former President Omaha to temporarily lift sanctions for alleged counterterorism intelligence cooperation with . Further, despite support for Qatar and Iran they are seeking Saudi support for permanently lifting sanctions.
7. They believe they have co opted US intelligence who they think would support permanently lift sanctions.
8. They used ceasefires with opposition rebels to train and equipt tens of thousands of Rapid Support Forces/Janjaweed militia forces that were unleashed in Darfur and the Nuba Mountains.
9. They have devised a divide and conquer plan to splinter and defeat the Nuba resistance under leadership of Gen. Abdalazizz Hilu of SPLA-N with they think the leadership of Malik Agar of Blue Nile State and Yasir Arman, former SPLM leader. Their animus against Abdalazizz is due to his alleged objective to separate the three states and join them to South Sudan.
10. They consider South Sudan an enemy seeking to overthrow them. They will train students and other to infiltrate and engage in agitation and support for a political Islam opposition to South Sudan President Salva Kiir.

The following are the notes on remarks of  key speakers.

Field Marshal Omer al Bashir

The crisis that occurred between Qatar on one side and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain and Egypt come as the result of disagreements between the two parts: The first part is combating of terrorism which Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain and Egypt are supported. The second part is the supporting and financing of terrorism in which Qatar is unjustly fully accused of supporting and hosting of terrorists. Qatar has been supporting and hosting those people that had been unjustly fully forced out of their countries.

As an Islamic movement, we have strong relationship with Muslim Brothers and Hamas leadership because we are originally come from Muslim Brotherhood organization. We have a strong attachment with Muslim brothers because they supported us to maintain our Islamic government in Sudan. Through their support, we have been able to overcome many regional and international conspiracies. What is happening to Qatar is the action of targeting Muslim Brothers and Islamic organizations in the world?

The problem began with the visit of Trump to Saudi Arabia who organized a conference for the leaders of Muslim countries for US President to brief them. The conference that we have been invited to attend but Saudi Arabia requested an excuse by saying that the Americans refused that my name to be included. I was expecting King Salman to cancel the conference since the Americans refused my presence as I am considered an ally participating by military forces defending Saudi Arabia. Now, we recognized where our position is. The conference and its results do not bother us.

 The conspiracy against Qatar and Muslim Brothers occurred through conspiracy of Abdel Fatah al Sisi, Saudis and Emirates to eliminate Muslim Brothers. It is known the enemy of Emirate leaders are Muslim Brothers. Abdel Fatah al Sisi fears Muslim Brothers can threaten his government similar to Emirate, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the extension of the Islamic movements seeking to establish government in the Kingdom. There is a dispute between Muslim Brothers and Abdel Fatah al Sisis and Emirates because the latter two support Khalifa Hafter to become president of Libya. This move will threaten our government in Sudan and will end our interest and place our Muslim Brothers in danger.

We financed the Islamic movements, ended Gaddafi’s government, assisted Morsi’s election campaign and enabled Muslim Brothers to come to power in Egypt. All these activities we realized through the help of Qatar and Iran.


There are some members of the Muslim Brothers who frankly called us to stand with Qatar in its crisis.


We recognize the big role Saudi Arabia played in the partial lifting of sanctions imposed on us by the US who promised to lift all the sanctions on July 12 through Saudi Arabia.

I will go to Saudi Arabia tomorrow and meet with King Salman and explain to him our position. Saudis want us to cut our relations with Qatar, but this cannot be possible. Our position goes with our interest.

The Situation inside SPLM-N comes with developments that brought Hilu to confrontation following his long period of absence that made his decisions seem unimportant inside the SPLM-N. Hilu came up with two new requirements, which are self-determination and maintaining SPLA-N army. These ideas, we reject. We will not negotiate with Hilu and some of the Nuba commanders. These are sons of the Nuba Mountains who support him to become the leadership of SPLM-N and should not be allowed to continue. They must be weakened, targeted and dismantled or we will carry out a diplomatic campaign at regional and international level to isolate their group politically. We will not accept a peace deal or negotiations with Hilu. We support Malik Agar’s legitimacy and his group through the use of government institutions and the African Union (AU) to achieve this objective. If sanctions are lifted the defeat of Hilu is easy.

Lifting of economic sanctions and removal of Sudan from the list of ‘states supporting of terrorism’ does not mean that we cut our relations with the Muslim Brotherhood organization and other Islamic movements or expel its leaders from Sudan. There are no guarantees to international politics especially when the US President is facing legal problems in America. The Islamic movement is targeted by campaigns against its interests and existences in all the world countries and its connection to the terrorism has distorted its efforts of achieving stability. The reasons behind this are known because of our efforts in South Sudan, Libya, Central African Republic (CAR) and Somalia.

We reject accusations against us of supporting terrorism despite our continuous efforts with our brothers and participation in the Islamic alliance of combating terrorism. As a result, no one has the right to accuse us of terrorism because they chose Muslim Brothers for political objectives and for the interest of Egypt, Sisi and Hafter. Our support will go to our brothers in Egypt and Libya to continue struggle until we are totally in control of the Libyan land.

Sudan succeeded to build strong relations with Saudi Arabia, which is the gateway  to US and Israel. We use Saudi Arabia and Emirate to lift US sanctions and then declare our position in relation to the Gulf crisis. We cannot continue in the alliances with the presence of Sisi of Egypt. If sanctions are lifted, it is our right to reestablish relations with Iran because it is a regional force, which represents Islam, and it cannot be ignored. The mind cannot accept to cut our relationship with Iran because it’s a super power that ensures the stability in the Middle East, and has interest in Africa and will not stand against us. Our security cooperation continues and we have kept it for our stability. There is alliance between Turkey, Qatar and Iran.

Following the current expulsion of the IS organizations from Syria and Iraq and because there are no suitable terrain to continue their struggle, some of them want to head to Asia and others want to go to West Africa. We must find them sanctuary in South Sudan Areas of Bahr al Ghazal and Western Equatoria in order to continue their struggle. These areas will link them to Boko Haram through CAR and some of them we are going to use them in Libya.

General Backri Hassan Salih

To complete lifting of sanctions we will concentrate on putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to convince US President to lift of sanctions completely. Lifting of sanctions brings a big political victory to the NCP and defeat to rebels and oppositions that dreaming of regime change. If the sanction is completely lifted the rest is easy. According to my judgments, the Americans and Europeans would not neglect their security for the benefit of few people called activities in America.


Our interest with Qatar in Libya is continuing and supports all Islamists to destroy Hafter and disrupt Egyptian interests in Libya with continuous deployment of our forces along Libya-Egyptian borders. We intend to control the situation inside South Sudan until American sanctions are lifted, will not open humanitarian corridors, will increase the production of oil to prevent Salva Kiir from defeating his opponents and will support Darfur movements in South Sudan and in Egypt. Salva Kiir’s goal is not to lift Sudan’s sanctions, but they do not know that Sudan possess information that the US with its capabilities cannot obtain it.

Sudan is under threat. We will use all available options to punish Salva Kiir and Hilu in a suitable time. Instructors and those in charge of recruitment are to recruit from the International University of Africa. It’s very necessary to find students of South Sudan who are members of the IS to provide assistances to those coming from Middle East in jungles.

Professor Ibrahim Gandur

The idea of relocating the extremist organizations to South Sudan could link them with many places. The area could link them to the West Africa with Boko Haram and to the East with Somalia. The sanctions could be lifted according to reports handed over to White House on Sudan’s efforts to reach American agreement to lift sanctions. But there are no clear answers about the reality of decisions of US Administration on the lifting of sanctions or maintaining them. The final decision remains in the hands of President Donald Trump.

We must move extensively our activities with Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Congress and with some of Sudan’s friends in America. The committee must meet for security and intelligence consultation and hold out extensive meetings to establish measures and regulations for the areas we have not executed, for example, problems of the South Sudan and passing of humanitarian aid, peace in the two areas and Darfur, and collecting facts about South Sudan and movements through documenting. But the issue of terrorism is simple. We can stop two planned terrorist attacks before their execution in Europe or against American interest. This will be a good achievement. And prepare ourselves with intelligence to surprise Americans. To make them hungry for information, then we will continue cooperation.

The meeting in Atlantic City of America will be on July 8 a few days from the date President Trump will carry out his decisions. We invited Sudan alliance, called representatives of Sudan government.


Those supporting the reduction of sanctions have achieved visible developments. Regarding changing of our foreign strategy was we cut relations with Iran and enter into new alliances with US allies in Middle East cooperation with US intelligence in charge of combating illegal immigration to Europe. Second, lifting of economic sanctions is a credit to paying Sudan for its increasing cooperation on these areas, improving human rights records and settling the internal disputes through peaceful ways.


The ceasefire gave us an opportunity to train thousands of soldiers and prepare them with modern fighting equipment. It is a good for Sudan not to declare his position so that not to be at the cost of the state Qatar as our strategic ally. We need assistance from Saudi Arabia to lift American sanctions. Egyptians need us to make our declaration. Saudi Arabia and Emirates fear  our presence and support of Muslims Brothers in Libya and we will not let Hafter become president in Libya. Whatever support they provide him, he will fail like the failure of Salva Kiir in controlling the government of South Sudan. We will make Libya under fire for Khalifa Hafter.

Hafter is supported by the government from Eastern Libya. We will continually create crisis for him in Libya and to make problems escalate through creating a number of crises to gain additional time. The government of National Concord of Libya succeeded in creating new political balance, but has not succeeded in a number of areas. Ending the role of Hafter in the national army and appoint a new commander is among many other issues. There is a competition between Europeans, Arabs and Egypt. They want US Administration to give them the right to intervene for the benefit of Hafter.

Egypt and Emirates are playing a bad role by supplying Hafter with arms to prolong the Libyan crisis. We must consolidate Islamists to defeat Hafter. But for South Sudan, we must create problems for it with specialized organizations with multiple objectives. These will support the creation of conflicts.

General Mohamed Atta al Mola

What is important is that the Americans are not sure that Sudan is supporting terrorism and how it participated in its funding. Even the accusations of Nairobi and Dar al Salam bombing of American Embassies and USS Cole in Yemen have no evidence. These are just accusations only.

The Americans have no facts to base these claims on which put Sudan in the list of states supporting terrorism. They mentioned Osama bin Laden was in Sudan and Emat Macnia who was in charge of Hezbollah military intelligence and Sudan provided sanctuary to Joseph Kony, the leader of LRA. Terrorism in Sudan was persistent in the way of threatening Americans. It is because of the reasons of presence of terrorists and because passing of terrorists. It is true Sudan is facilitating financial aid to groups of terrorists. But we tell them that Sudan have no knowledge of supporting terrorism. If you have information tell us, we are ready to combat terrorism and assure our desire to cooperate with you.


Sudan cut its relations with Iran and Hamas and strengthened its relations with Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. The relationship between Sudan and Saudi Arabia and Gulf states comes at the cost of Iran.


Removing the name of Sudan from the list of states supporting terrorism will be in agreement with this strategy that remains strong and suitable for further execution into the near future. The rest is the matter of time. And we must show political will for the American Administration. We gained the confidence of the intelligence because their information on Sudan is poor and we understood the way they operate and explained events. Sudan offered them information that no country in the world has provided them. It is important to concentrate to cooperate with them at present moment and in the future. The Gulf crisis between Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and Emirate is an old issue but is renewed. We have to be impartial because Saudi interest in US is huge and it’s a partner of America.

We have to bend to Saudi Arabia because we are facing sanctions and that need to be lifted. The American intelligence is cooperating with and indicated in report for the US Administration to lift sanctions. Saudi Arabia and Emirate intelligences all are on our side. Let’s be ready to face the period after the lifting of sanctions because we will be a free country determine our relations and no one can dictate to us what to do.

General Ibrahim Mohamed al Hassan

Take into consideration the Churches of Christian tribes and spread the problems from the disputes usually in the Churches through skilled trained agents because the Churches gather all the Christians despite that they are agreed or disagree.


Provide protection and sanctuary to Muslim Brothers, Islamic organizations and all cadres will continue to provide them with training youth in the International African University. Provide with knowledge and continue to provide them with training the youth to become active and their countries to create a radical Islamic branch in South Sudan to use in the time they would need it. The land in South Sudan encourages creating extremist groups if they have their own sanctuary.

Engineer Ibrahim Mammud

As we need to destroy our enemy, Salva Kiir wants to make regime change in Khartoum. We will train youth from South Sudan and from West Africa transferring a group of students supporting Boko Haram fro Nigeria because the Sana tribe resemble people who live around Wau and Western Equatoria and let Salva Kiir be faced with a secret movement.

Professor Ibrahim Omer

Supporting Muslim Brothers, they become famous with different structures. The diplomacy of Qatar played a big role in maintaining the Islamist government in Sudan. If Qatar and Iran had not assisted, the Sudan government would have failed and they would have arrested us, put us in prisons and killed us. Islamic organizations and Muslim Brothers provided us with financial and moral support and information about organizations opposing Islamic government in Sudan.                                                                                                                                       

The political Islam in Sudan gained wide variety of experiences in all areas of education, and experiences of our Muslim Brothers and global Islamic organization.


The Gulf countries committed mistake in Syria, so this not in Qatar alone. If the Islamic movements succeeded in Syria, they would have extended their influence to Gulf countries and created crisis. The Gulf countries entered Syria and created problems in Yemen, which is near Libya and Egypt, to stop Islamists.

Qatar supported Islamists when every they are threatened them in every corner of the earth. Sudan is part of the Islamic movement organization. Our role will be limited to impartiality by trying to solve the problem through our relations with Saudi Arabia and continue participating with our force in Yemen. This is the right position in the present movement. Because Sudan is facing the problem of sanctions and it wants them to be completely lifted. Saudi Arabia and Emirates have good alliances with US and Israel. Sudan wanted them to urge Americans to lift the sanctions completely at this time.  Support of Islamist is our obligation especially our role in Libya to prevent Hafter coming to rule.

Very important to infiltrate IS into South Sudan in certain areas of Western Bahr al Ghazal and Western Equatoria after finding suitable people to provide them local guidance and security


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