Some In The MSM Can Actually Articulate The Problem Clearly

Leo McKinstry, a well-known British journalist and author, in the ‘Express’ (a popular U.K. ‘red-top’ newspaper) gets it, and isn’t afraid to say it, either:

From the Express at this page:

Political class in denial over cause of jihadist threat, says Leo McKinstry

As more than a million demonstrators took to the streets of Paris to protest at last week’s Islamist massacre in the heart of the city, Europe’s leaders, including David Cameron, eagerly posed as the defenders of western civilisation and guardians of democracy against jihadist extremism.

But behind all the rhetoric about freedom and tolerance the politicians remain in denial about the real nature of the menace we face. They still refuse to face up to the failure of their disastrous experiment in multiculturalism.

They keep uttering the parrot cry of unity yet through their ideological fixation with diversity they have wilfully torn apart the bonds of solidarity that once held our society together.

Due to the relentless influx into Europe of Muslims from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, many of whom cling aggressively to alien practices that are incompatible with western values, it is impossible to see how we can escape the shadow of fear. An increasingly Islamified Europe can never be a land of peace and harmony.

Trapped in their own dogma our rulers dismiss this reality. Even now in the wake of carnage in Paris they continue to blather that the slaughter had “nothing to do with Islam” or that the religion had just been “hijacked” by the zealots.

This has been the line trotted out by the political and security establishment after every Muslim atrocity, as reflected in the statement by Brian Paddick, the senior Metropolitan Police commander immediately after the London bombings in 2005 when he said that: “Islam and terrorism are two words that do not go together.”

But mental gymnastics are an insult to our intelligence. We are all aware of the lengthening catalogue of barbarism, misogyny and persecution perpetrated in the name of Islam.

Only last week the Islamist terror group Boko Haram executed around 2,000 people in Nigeria.

At the same time in theocratic Saudi Arabia the liberal blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for daring to “insult Islam”. In Pakistan a Christian woman called Asia Bibi has been sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Across the western world the savagery of Islamic terrorism has been experienced in places as diverse as Ottawa, Sydney, Toulouse, Madrid, London and Glasgow.

The American liberal comedian and commentator Bill Maher put it very well recently when in response to the fashionable argument that the Muslim terrorists were just a “few bad apples”, he said: “When there are this many bad apples there is something wrong with the orchard.”

Here in Britain the growing Muslim population, now numbering almost three million, has meant the spread of the burka, forced marriages, female genital mutilation, hardline teaching in faith schools, predatory sex gangs, polygamy and ballot-box fraud by so-called community leaders.

Contrary to this week’s claims that the vast majority of British Muslims support western freedoms, one recent survey found that 70 per cent believe that those who insult the Prophet should be prosecuted while a third of young British Muslims feel that apostates should be put to death.

The political class and their media cheerleaders might have noisily expressed their devotion to liberty in Paris yesterday but in reality they are desperate to shut down debate about Islam.

So they constantly shriek about so-called “Islamophobia” and threaten action against those who dare to criticise the Muslim faith.

Another favourite tactic deployed after every Islamic terrorist incident is to indulge in scaremongering about the potential “backlash against Muslims” thereby silencing outrage and reinforcing the fashionable narrative of Islamic victimhood.

But in truth no backlash has ever materialised beyond a few isolated acts of vandalism which pale into insignificance beside the real bloodshed from the jihadists.

Indeed across western Europe it is the Jewish communities that are now living in fear because of the kind of anti-Semitic rage from the Muslim hardliners that was all too clearly displayed in the murderous siege of the kosher supermarket in Paris.

What is so extraordinary is how the Left in Britain has ended up in alliance with Muslim fundamentalism. Left-wingers used to trumpet their commitment to fighting bigotry, sexism and tyranny.

Yet today they have turned into apologists for a bullying culture that wants to bring us all under theocratic rule.

In a spectacular feat of moral relativism some of them try to justify Islamic terrorism by reference to western foreign policy or alienation through poverty and unemployment.

This is simply hand-wringing nonsense. If many Muslims are “marginalised” in western Europe it is entirely because of their own refusal to integrate.

Left-wingers and liberals have adopted this stance because of their neurotic obsession with race. In their self-loathing, twisted mindset, white people must always be the oppressors and ethnic minorities the victims.

But that represents a dangerous kind of reverse racism, one that tolerates extremism and sectarianism. If we are truly to regain our liberties then we need far more honesty and less appeasement.