Some Moments of Moral Clarity from Brendan O’Neill, in The Australian: We Should be Worrying About the Safety of Jews Rather Than Of Muslims

One of the better opinion pieces to have appeared in the Aussie press in the immediate wake of the murderous Muslim ghazi raids on Charlie Hebdo and on the kosher supermarket and its Jewish customers, in France.  He doesn’t quite say all that he could have said – he does not grasp the nettle and introduce his readers to the ugly reality of the antisemitism that is hard-wired into Islam, an antisemitism quite distinct from but actively allied with and making use of the Jew-hatreds native to the western world – but it’s still not bad.  And it does draw attention to the sheer absurdity and moral imbecility of wringing one’s hands over imaginary threats to Muslims, at the very moment when murderous Muslims have been busy killing Jews along with other despised Infidels.

“While Jews Are Slaughtered, the Left Worries About Islamophobia”.

Not a bad headline. Could have been just a little better had he and his editor been brave enough to cut right to the chase and write – “As Muslims Slaughter Cartoonists and Jews, the Left Worries About Islamophobia”. – CM

‘The parallel moral universe inhabited by Europe’s chattering classes and celebs was starkly exposed last week.

‘In Paris, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre (that is: straight after the Muslim massacre of the Charlie Hebdo “blasphemers” – CM) an extremist (that is: a Muslim ghazi raider – CM) stormed a kosher store, terrorised its patrons, and murdered four of them.  Their crime?  Jewishness.

‘And yet as this act of anti-Semitic barbarism (this act of antisemitic Muslim barbarism – CM) was taking place, what were the opinion-forming set and the right-on glitterati worrying their well-groomed heads about?  


‘The possibility of post-Charlie Hebdo violence against Muslims.

They fretted over violence that hadn’t occurred, rather than violence unfolding before the world’s eyes in a store frequented by Jews.

‘So we had the bizarre spectacle of British newspapers thundering about a possible outburst of anti-Muslim madness at precisely the moment an outburst of antisemitic madness was taking place (that is: at precisely the moment that a thoroughly-Muslim Muslim, filled with the Jew-hatred that is hard-wired into the canonical texts of Islam, was attacking Jews. – CM).

‘Beware “Islamophobes seizing [the Charlie Hebdo] atrocity to advance their hatred!” hollered the Guardian, as an anti-Semite (that is, a Muslim antisemite – CM) was seizing a kosher shop to advance the world’s oldest hatred (to advance the Muslim version of the world’s oldest hatred – CM).

‘The day after the assault on the kosher store (that is: the day after a thoroughly-Muslim Muslim attacked the kosher store – CM) the top ten most-read articles on the Guardian’s website were dire warnings about potential Islamophobic violence post-Charlie Hebdo. Some folk seemed more concerned about possible attacks on Muslims than they were about actual attacks indeed, actual Muslim attacks – CMon Jews.

‘The gaping disconnect between observers’ fears of what would happen in France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and what actually did happen, was summed up in comments made by George Clooney.

‘On Monday, as the bodies of the four murdered Jews (the bodies of four Jews murdered by a pious allahu-akbaring Muslim – CM) were being prepared for the flight to Israel, Clooney was telling fawning hacks about the scourge of “anti-Muslim fervour” in Europe.  

‘It got to a point where it wouldn’t have felt surprising to hear a journalist say – “Oh no, Jews have been attacked – will this cause yet more problems for Muslims?!”

Mr O’Neill: next time, if you really want to pour on the sarcasm, try this – “Oh no, a Muslilm (or, Muslims) have attacked and killed Jews – will this cause yet more problems for Muslims?”  Because that’s about the strength of it..-CM

‘Of course, it’s entirely legitimate to worry about a backlash against Muslims in the wake of Islamist terror.

Really?  When has any such ‘backlash’ – if one means by ‘backlash’ an ever-escalating and intensifying series of murderous ‘freelance’ attacks by Infidels upon Muslims, within the West, on the same scale and of the same type as the multiplying and intensifying attacks carried out (and the many, many others attempted or plotted ) by Muslims resident within the West, against non-Muslims, notably Jews –  ever occurred?  – CM

‘That some blank grenades were thrown into the courtyard of a mosque in France suggests that there are indeed Muslim-loathing hotheads.

Question. Is not “loathing” a healthy and proper response to – inter alia – such things as the Muslim butchery of infidels inside the Charlie Hebdo office and of Jews inside the kosher grocery store, and the many, many, many Muslim-made videos of beheadings and gleeful Muslim consumption and circulation of same, and the sight of boastful Muslim videos celebrating the resumption of sex-slaving, with Infidel girls (many of them mere children) as the commodity for sale, and the Muslim murder of little Miriam Monsonego, and the Muslim murder of four rabbis in a synagogue, and the Muslim mass-murder of Christians in the church of All Saints’, Peshawar, and the Muslim lynching of two Christians in Pakistan and throwing of those two Christians  – still barely alive – into a brick kiln to be burnt to ashes?  If one is not utterly repulsed by these things – and repulsed even more when one opens the pages of the Islamic canonical texts and discovers that all, all, all of these horrible deeds are done in perfect obedience to the instructions contained in those texts and in strict emulation of the sacralised example of warlord Mohammed – then something is wrong. – CM

‘But there’s no escaping the fact that observers struggle to acknowledge the seriousness of antisemitism.

Correction: But there’s no escaping the fact that observers struggle to acknowledge the seriousness of antisemitism, antisemitism which is Muslim as well as non-Muslim. – CM

‘They find it easier to fantasise about a mob-led war on Muslims than to confront the real, growing problem of Jew-baiting.

Jew-baiting that, today, in Europe and also increasingly elsewhere, even in Australia, is largely incited and carried out by Muslims. – CM

‘We saw this last year, too, when there were numerous anti-Semitic outbursts during the Gaza conflict.

That is, when Jew-haters both Muslim and non-Muslim flew into a rage at the sight of the Jewish state of Israel, driven beyond all reasonable endurance, attempting to defend itself against escalating attack from the genocidally-Jew-hating Jihadis of Hamas-ruled Gaza. – CM

‘Those who pose as progressives, who instantly reach for political placards whenever Muslims – or another minority – suffer abuse, didn’t say much.

‘They fidgeted, ermed and aahed, or, worse, offered an apologia for the new anti-Semitism: “If Israel didn’t treat Palestinians (sic – CM) so badly, maybe Jews wouldn’t get attacked”, they hinted.

‘This ugly excuse-making for anti-Semitic violence (and, specifically, for Muslim attacks on Jews, anywhere – CM) reared its head again this week when a BBC reporter in Paris, Tim Wilcox, said to a shaken French-Jewish woman that “the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”

‘In short: maybe there’s a logic to anti-Semitic violence.  Maybe it’s just a reaction to Israeli – or, as Wilcox put it, “Jewish” – wickedness.  Maybe you deserve it.

‘Wilcox expressed a common view in right-thinking sections of society: that anti-Semitism isn’t quite as bad as other forms of racism because it’s often misfired anger with Israel.

‘We’re witnessing the terrifying meshing-together of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, with those who claim merely to hate Israel often slipping into expressions of disdain for “the Jews” and targeting Jewish shops for boycotts.

‘Indeed, if Amedy Coulibaly, the killer in the kosher store (the Muslim killer in the kosher store – CM) thought a simple shop was an appropriate place to act out his foul radicalism (no, cut the cr*p, O’Neill: read Andrew Bostom’s ‘Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism’ and realize that Coulibaly’s murderous Jew-hatred was part and parcel of his entirely-orthodox Islam – CM) it isn’t hard to see why: anti-Israel protestors (whether Muslims, or else non-Muslim Jew-haters making common cause with Muslims because of their shared hatred of Jews – CM) have been targeting Israeli-linked or just Jewish-owned shops for years now.  Jewish produce, Jewish shoppers – all fair game, apparently.

‘The increasingly unhinged nature of many leftists’ loathing for Israel has led them to problematise the Jews themselves. They speak darkly of Jewish lobbies, of super-powerful forces making our leaders kowtow to Israel. Their swirling, borderlilne conspiratorial fear of Israel means they often cross the line from yelling at Israel to wondering about the trustworthiness of the Jews.

‘It’s a rehabilitation of the idea of the Jewish burden. Once, Jews were made to carry the burden of having “Killed Christ”; now they’re forced to shoulder responsibility for everything Israel says and does. They’re marked, suspect, not as sympathetic as other minorities.

‘This is really why many European leftists find it hard to stand up to the new antisemitism – because they played a key role in unleashing it.”


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