Something light-hearted and fun: Wakefield Rhubarb festival

Just a little light interlude – I won’t bore you with too many of what are effectively my holiday snaps. But I have not posted anything light-hearted for a while, certainly not since we moved to the new host and format.

I did post about Yorkshire’s Rhubarb Triangle last year as Something Yorkshire. Last weekend was the Wakefield Rhubarb festival and as I was in the area, visiting family, we attended. On the Saturday to see the Morris dancing because as regular readers might remember, I like Morris.

I left it too late in the day to buy some rhubarb so I took the picture above left from the recipe page. Most of my time was spent browsing the market, eating, watching the dancing, drinking, reflecting in the cathedral, praying, eating some more and taking the weight off my feet.


Outside Wakefield Cathedral, Briggate Morris from Leeds.



and Wakefield Morris the local side.










Inside the Cathedral

The tallest spire in Yorkshire, Anglo-Saxon foundation, the main body of the church is 14th and 15th century.