Stockholm terror suspect boasted he had ‘run over 10 people’ in WhatsApp messages to Isil supporter

From the Telegraph

Rakhmat Akilov, a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan, had been in contact with an extremist calling himself Abu Fatyma via the online messaging service WhatsApp, Swedish newspaper Expressen reported.

According to unverified screenshots of the WhatsApp messages published by Expressen, Akilov told Fatyma he was trying to build a bomb.

“How do I make explosives? Tomorrow I want to find a car and run it into a crowd,” he is said to have written.
“Do not waste time in vain,” Fatyma replied.

Roughly an hour after the attack, Akilov is then reported to have told Fatyma: “I ran over 10 people in the centre of Stockholm, now I have to get out of here.”

Fatyma responded: “Allahu Akbar, my brother, I cry, I love you.” 

He then asked Akilov to send a video of the scene, which appears to have been the suspect’s last WhatsApp message before he was arrested. 

It came as Swedes questioned their country’s welcoming immigration policies after learning that an asylum-seeker was the prime suspect in Stockholm’s deadliest extremist attack in years. Police disclosed on Sunday that Akilov had been ordered to leave Sweden in December because his request for a residence permit was rejected six months earlier.

“It makes me frustrated,” Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told Swedish news agency TT on Sunday.


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  1. Bring in a large number of young men (generally the demographic with the highest rates of criminal behavior) from an alien, supremacist culture.  Have the young men idle and having no access to young women from their alien, supremacist culture.

    What could go wrong?

    Silly, foolish Sweden…what a shame that notions of "multi-culturalism" have been made to put your entire country in jeopardy.

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