Sudan Coup Leaders in Moscow support Putin’s Ukraine Invasion


Sudan’s head of the military, Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan  (AP Photo/Marwan Ali)

by Lt. General Abakar M. Abdullah and Jerry Gordon

One more reason for the US and Israel to block aid to Sudan and its military coup perpetrators, Generals Al Buran and Dogolo aka Hemeti as reported by colleague former Chadian Lt. General (ret.) Abakar Mahamat Abdallah, Darfur native and Chair of Sudan United Movement.

Sudan’s General Dagalo, aka Hemeti

Here is what Hemeti said prior to travel to Moscow in Arabic but I have translated into English: “With God’s help and success, I will go today to the Russian capital, Moscow, on an official visit to this important country, with which we have historical friendship relations. Through this visit, we hope to advance relations between Sudan and Russia to broader horizons, and to strengthen the existing cooperation between us in the different fields.”

Media reported that arriving in Moscow, Hemeti announced that his government supports the decision of Putin declared independence of the two regions of Ukraine: Donestsk and Luhansk. However, the Sudanese foreign affairs denied that the Janjaweed leader said such a statement.

According to the Sudanese social media, the visit of Hemeti was organized by Russian different companies working in Sudan under political, economic and security sectors. On top of these companies is Wagner preparing to train a battalion if RSF/Janjaweed militias on advanced war technics.

Does the US and Israel need an Abraham Accord with Sudan under these proteges of jailed former Sudan President Omar Al Bashir?


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