Sunday, 10-25-15, Lisa Benson Show with Walid Phares on Why Benghazi Still Matters and Michael Cutler on Broken Immigration System 4PM EDT


Find out why the marathon testimony of Hillary Clinton before the Select Benghazi Committee on October 22, 2015 barely scratched the surface of planned Ansar al Sharia attacks  on 9/11 and 12, 2012 and what its déjà vu all over again in Libya with Administration support for MB militias and gun running activities in Syria.  Also find out why are DHS immigration and enforcement is out of control in Sanctuary Cities throughout America and on both our borders infiltrated by ISIS and Hezbollah operatives posing as asylum seekers and refugees.

The Lisa Benson Show will air Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 4PM EDT, 3PM CDT, 2PM MDT, 1PM PDT and 11PM in IsraelListen live to the Lisa Benson Radio Show for National Security on KKNT 960The Patriot or use SMARTPHONE iHEART App: 960 the Patriot.   Lisa Benson and New English Review Senior Editor Jerry Gordon will co-host this show.

Our guests will be:

Dr. Walid Phares, noted Fox News Middle East and terrorism analyst and author; and,

Michael Cutler, 30 year veteran Immigration and Naturalization Service Special Agent and noted expert on immigration control, enforcement and international terrorism.

Watch this Fox News “Happening Now” report with Dr. Walid Phares and Benghazi impact on Libya chaos:


Watch this interview with Michael Cutler on Our Broken Immigration System and Sanctuary Cities:


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