Sydney, Australia: Muslim PhD Student Arrested, Charged With Plotting Jihad Mass Murder

And everyone around him is shocked! shocked! …. As reported just yesterday by Sally Rawsthorne, for the usually-grovellingly-Islamophile Sydney Morning Herald.

“PhD Student Charged With Sydney Terrorism Plot”.

“A PhD student (that would be, “a Muslim PhD student” –  CM) working at the University of NSW has been arrested by police after a notebook allegedly containing terrorist ideology inspired by Islamic State (no, inspired by… the Koran, Sira, and Hadiths.. inspired by… ISLAM– CM) was found on the eastern-suburbs campus.

“Police on Friday said a colleague of 25-yer-old Sri Lankan national Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen (he might be from Sri Lanka, which is a majority-non-Islamic country, but his primary and real allegiance is to the Ummah, the  Allah Gang or Mohammedan Mob, as indicated by his name, Mohamed; he should never have been given a student visa, he should never have been admitted into Australia – CM) found the notebook filled with locations and individuals that would be the subject of an alleged terrorist plot.

‘It is understood that the alleged potential attack was planned for several months away (hmm.. “several months” would take us up to Christmas and New Year – CM) and involved iconic landmarks in Sydney.

‘Police were called to the university, where Mr Nizamdeen works as an I.T. contractor (and how many others like him are there, all around the country, tertiary-educated, smiling toothily, nicely-groomed and besuited… and harbouring hatred in their hearts toward the dirty kuffar all around them? click on the link I’ve provided, to see photos of this latest mohammedan mobster – CM), on Thursday, and arrested and charged him with making a document connected to the preparation of a terrorist act.

“They are symbolic locations within Sydney”, said NSW Police’s Detective acting-Superintendent Mick Sheehy at a press conference on Friday morning.

‘The PhD student was acting as a lone wolf (suuuure…. that’s always said… and so often it turns out that they had enablers, supporters, handlers….oh, and I’d advise finding out what mosque, or mosques he attended, and surprise-raiding and searching that, too – CM) but “from documentation, he would affiliate with ISIS”, acting Superintendent Sheehy said.

Lured by the dream of a restored Caliphate, a dream shared by every person raised within Islam. The dream of achieving Total World Domination, Islam, Islam, Uber Alles, as John Roy Carlson puts it in a chapter on the Muslim Brotherhood, in his book ‘Cairo to Damascus”.   If there were no ISIS, it’s perfectly possible that someone like this would Go Jihad anyway, as witness, for example, 9/11, or the Muslim jihad assaults on the London buses and underground in 2005 – there was no ISIS back then, when those attacks were carried out, but there was… Islam. That is all it takes.  Islam, and a person who takes Islam fully to heart, who sets out to obey the jihad imperative and wage jihad fi sabil allah, who obeys the Quranic instruction to ‘terrorise them” (‘them’ being.. the kuffar, the filthy disbelievers, anyone who isn’t a Muslim). – CM

‘Mr Nizamdeen has been in Australia on a student visa for several years completing his post-graduate studies.

It isn’t just the obvious thugs with bushy beards and robes, from places like Somalia or Libya that we need to worry about; it’s the sleek smilers with university degrees, like Mr Mohamed Nizamdeen. – CM
‘He has returned to his native Sri Lanka (which non-Islamic country he no doubt hates and despises just as much as he hates and despises similarly-infidel Australia – CM) and “other areas” although police refused to specify where exactly he had visited.

Is he involved with any Islamic student association on campus?  Does he attend a mosque?   He might not, of course… he might have been engaging in ‘muruna’, ‘blending in’, the better to gull the stupid infidels around him, until it was… too late.  Thank goodness that somebody took a peek at that notebook. – CM

‘After arresting him at the university during the day, police executed a search warrant on his Zetland address in the middle of the night and a number of electronic items were seized for further examination.

‘Police plan to conduct further searches on campus on Friday.

‘Australian Federal Police’s Detective-Superintendent Michael McTiernan told reporters that, while there was no ongoing threat to the public (pffft: there is an ongoing threat to the public so long as there are hundreds of thousands of pious Mohammeds just like Mr Mohammed Nizamdeen living on Australian soil – CM) the allegations of what was contained in the notebook were extremely serious.

“The charges laid against this person are serious and should not be underestimated.  Today’s result highlights the critical role the community plays in assisting us to combat terrorism”, he said.

Somehow I suspect that it was not a Muslim colleague of Mr Nizamdden’s who, on noticing what was in that notebook, raised the alarm.  I am thankful that they did not allow the consideration of shrieks of “Islamophobia!” or “racism!” to deter them from making a quiet phonecall to the relevant authorities. – CM

‘Mr Nizamdeen, who is understood to have no family ties in Australia (thank goodness for that! but, once again, does he belong to any Muslim student organisation or other social body? does he attend a mosque? – CM) briefly faced Waverley Local Court on Friday morning.

‘He did not apply for bail and it was formally refused.  He will return to court in eight weeks.”

All very, very embarrassing for the University of New South Wales.  Let this be a lesson to them, to think long and carefully before admitting overseas students- whether undergrads or, like this one, postgrads – with names like “Mohammed”.   And so to the follow-up report, also from Sally Rawsthorne for the Sydney Morning Herald, in which we predictably discover that his friends and colleagues are all so, so shocked!! shocked!! that such an apparently nice guy could have been plotting mass-murderous mayhem…

“Sri Lankan Student (sic: Muslim student from Sri Lanka – CM) Charged With Terror Offences in Sydney

‘Star Sri Lankan student Mohamed Kamer Nilan Nizamdeen allegedly planned to attack a hit list of “symbolic” individuals and landmarks across Sydney in an ISIS-inspired lone-wolf (sic: he’s not a lone wolf, he’s part of the Ummah, the Allah Gang, the Mohammedan Mob.. that’s all it takes for someone to Go Jihad – CM) terror attack that was foiled on Thursday when a co-worker stumbled across the list and alerted police.

‘Mr Nizamdeen was arrested by police in dramatic raids on his office high above the University of New South Wales on Thursday, after a colleague in the university’s I.T. business team found a notebook allegedly containing details of an “ISIS-affiliated” terrorist plot planned for the Harbour City in the next few months.

There is a picture in the article.  It is captioned – “Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen appears in a 2016 promotional video for a project by the NSW Government body ‘Study Sydney’ and an education start-up.  He  was charged with terror offences on 31 August 2018.”. – CM

‘It is understood that the targets of the allegedly graphic threats included former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, ex-foreign minister Julie Bishop, and their Liberal Party colleague Bronwyn Bishop.  The iconic landmarks included the Sydney Opera House, as well as police and railway stations.

‘Fairfax Media understands that police are now tracking his financial transactions from the past few years to see if they went beyond sending money back to Sri Lanka.

Those who know (or “who thought they knew.”. – CM) the Sri Lankan (sic: his being ‘Sri Lankan’ is of far less significance than his being Muslim – CM) were in shock after the arrest, with multiple friends and neighbours saying they couldn’t believe what Mr Nizamdeen is accused of doing.

If they are not Muslims, then they need to learn that Mohammed the long-dead warlord, founder of the cult of blood and war, namely, Islam, is believed, by Muslims, to have said, “War is deceit”.  And they need to learn about taqiyya, mudarat, kitman, tawriyya, taysir, and most especially muruna, ‘blending in”.  But if any of them are Muslims, then they are not shocked or surprised at all, no matter how much they might feign to be; they know full well what his motivation would be… the 109 jihad verses in the Quran, and the sacralised example of the so-called ‘prophet’.- CM

“I’m totally stunned”, said one friend.

If this person is not a Muslim, then this person was not in fact a ‘friend’ of Mohamed Nizamdeen’s, even if he thought he was. Because Muslims in their cult texts are repeatedly and strongly enjoined not to befriend non-Muslims – indeed, the instructions are to hold them in contempt – unless they do so feigningly, temporarily and temporisingly, for Muslim advantage. – CM

“Everyone says it, but he’s such a normal guy.  I never would have expected it.”

You should have expected.  His name was, after all, “Mohammed”; he is one of millions and millions of Mohammeds.   As discussed in a classic little essay by Daniel Greenfield.

War is deceit. War is deceit. War is deceit. Mohammed said that; and this ‘Mohammed’, this person you thought was your ‘friend’, but who was plotting to mass-murder infidel Sydneysiders, was doing as Mohammed told him to do. – CM

The IT business analyst was not previously known to police in Australia, and has no criminal record.

‘It is understood that he has no family in Australia, and lives with a room-mate.

Is that room-mate Muslim or non-Muslim? – CM

He had worked with NSW Police in 2016 to develop an app to help adapt to life in Australia (oh, the irony! – CM), which was presented at Parliament House.

He was also selected as UNSW ‘Hero of the Week’ last year, telling an interviewer that material things are unimportant to him.

But promoting the advancement, and the very-this-worldly dominance, of Islam, Islam, Islam, and therefore of Muslims, is – now we discover – very important to him indeed… – CM

“Success for me, being happy, doens’t always have to be about money, it’s not about the high-ranking job.  Success is if you’re comfortable with where you are”, he said.

Let us remember that the muezzin howls, “Come to success!”  There is the dream of the Islamic paradise; there is the dream of Total World Domination, a global sharia despotism.. – CM

‘Everyone says it, but he’s such a normal guy.  I never would have expected it” – Friends of the accused.

You weren’t supposed to expect it; that’s how this sort of jihad works.  Attack from ambush.– CM

‘Mr Nizamdeen’s colleagues, who witnessed the police raids on the office on Thursday, said they were still reeling following the discovery of the notebook, and the subsequent arrest.

“It’s very dramatic. We are all very shaken”, said one colleague. “it’s scary, thinking we were sitting next to someone plotting something horrible”.

But you were and he was. And it is perfectly possible that other seemingly-nice, seemingly ‘normal’ tertiary-educated, nicely-dressed, sunnily-smiling apparently-westernised Muslims on the UNSW campus – whether they be staff or students or support-staff or admin – and on other campuses around Australia, are thinking of and planning and plotting the same sorts of horrible things that this bloke was plotting. – CM

‘After the arrest on Thursday, plain-clothed detectives also raided the Zetland apartment where he had lived for four years and seized computers and mobile phones from the unit.

‘Investigators from the multi-agency Joint Counter-Terrorism Team say that the notebook found by a co-worker contained details of Sydney identities and landmarks that Mr Nizamdeen was allegedly plotting to attack in the following months, NSW joint counter-terrorism team commanded Detective Acting Superintendent Mick Sheehy said.

“There is a number of locations and individuals named in that document who are potential targets”, he told reporters on Friday morning.

‘Police do not anticipate making any further arrests”, he said.

Sure they don’t. But have they found out what mosque, if any, he attended during those past four years in Australia? What mosque/s his family attend, back in Sri Lanka?  Does he belong to a Muslim student association and if so, what kinds of ‘preachers’ and ‘speakers’ are invited by that organisation?  Did he belong to such an organisation back in Sri Lanka, assuming that that was where he did his undergraduate studies? – CM

‘While police say that the I.T. student “would affiliate with ISIS”, he has not been charged with being a member of a terror group.

He is a member of a terrorist organisation-cum-crime ‘family’-cum-death-cult that hides in plain sight – the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob. – CM

“At this stage it appears that this is an individual acting on his own.  There is certainly some further investigation that is required, but again it is a matter that is before the courts”, said Acting Superintendent Sheehy.

‘He has returned to his native Sri Lanka, and has travelled to a number of other overseas destinations, which police on Friday refused to detail.

‘Mr Nizamdeen briefly faced Waverley Local Court on Friday morning charged with one count of making a document connected with the preparation of a terrorist act.

‘He did not apply for bail, which was formally refused.  He will next appear in Central Local Court on October 24.

‘Police say that Mr Nizamdeen is on a student visa that expires in September, and was in the process of applying for a new one.

‘Instead, the AFP have applied for a Criminal Justice Stay visa, so that they can prosecute him.

Try him, convict him, jail him; and then, at the end of his jail term, deport him.  After which he becomes a headache for majority-non-Islamic Sri Lanka, who would be well advised to annul his Sri Lankan citizenship status and expel him to some part of the dar al Islam. – CM

“We will allege that this person was in possession of a document that was used in the preparation of a terrorism offence”, said the Australian Federal Police’s Detective Superintendent Michael “Mick” Tiernan.  “The charges laid against this person are serious and significant and should not be underestimated”.

Police are now working to investigate how Mr Nizamdeen allegedly became radicalised”.

He was raised as a Mohammedan, by Mohammedan parents.  And so, unsurprisingly, he Went Jihad.   Got Muslims? Got Mosques? Got Jihad.  As Joseph Schacht, in his monumental scholarly tome, “An Introduction to Islamic Law’, states succinctly, “The basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war.  They must be converted, or subjugated, or killed”. – CM