Sydney, Australia: NSW Police Charge Federal Public Servant Over Funding of Jihad Terror

As reported by the ABC yesterday. Interestingly, in the pixellated images of the arrest, one can tell that the arrested person – a woman aged 40 – is not wearing Islamic dress.  Despite that, I would be surprised if she turns out not to be Muslim by either upbringing or conversion.  I find it difficult to believe that any non-Muslim person would willingly send tens of thousands of dollars to swell the coffers of the Islamic State jihad terror organisation.

‘NSW Police Charge 40 Year Old Federal Public Servant Over Allegedly Giving Thousands to Islamic State’.

‘A federal public servant from western Sydney (that is: “from heavily-Islamised western Sydney” – CM) has been charged after allegedly giving Islamic State more than $30,000.

‘Members of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team (JCTT) arrested the 40-year-old woman (note: 40 years old; so not some silly, impressionable teenager – CM) at Guildford about 7.30 am on Tuesday and took her to Parramatta Police Station.

‘The woman, who is an Australian citizen (by birth or by naturalisation? – CM) was charged with five counts of making funds available or receiving funds from a terrorist organisation.

‘New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Willing said that there was no danger to the community.

Except from the non-stop entrisme, the infiltration and subversion, that is going on every day, on the part of the Mohammedan fifth columnists inside the gates of infidel Australia. – CM

We’ll be alleging that between February 2015 and October 2015 the woman electronically transferred money to fund a proscribed terrorist organisation, being Islamic State”, he said.

She would have been around 37 at the time, if she’s 40 now.  And… what’s she been up to since?  Who’s she hanging around with?  Does she or anyone she knows attend a mosque?   Which one/s? – CM

‘He said police would allege the woman used Western Union to transfer the money.

‘The arrest is part of an ongoing investigation – named Operation PEQIN – into several people (I bet that should be, “several Muslims” – CM) alleged to be involved in terrorist activities.

Several.  And the rest… – CM

‘The JCTT is a collaboration between NSW Police and Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), and the NSW Crime Commission.

‘Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he had been “well briefed” on the arrest.

“This is another example of the excellent work of our Joint Counter Terrorism Teams between the Federal Police, ASIO, and the NSW Police in this case”, he said.

“We work very, very closely together.  Good intelligence and good cooperation enables terrorist plots and activities to be disrupted”.

Yeah.  Playing expensive games of whack-a-mole. Band-aids. Treating symptoms, not the cause.

Imagine: if we had never allowed thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands – now nearly a million, 600 000 or more in the last census – of Muslims to settle within Australia’s gates, in territory that they are taught by their cult to view as Dar al Harb, the Zone of War, we wouldn’t need this JCTT, we wouldn’t have to be continually – at vast expenditure of man-hours and money – chasing after and attempting to thwart jihad plots and plotters and enablers and financiers (like this woman, who was employed by the Commonwealth Public Service in some capacity; how many more Muslims are there, whether cradle Muslims or else stupid – or evil – converts to the Death Cult, embedded within our state and commonwealth public service in all its levels and branches, all of them in esse or in posse enemy agents/ sleeper cells?).  

The simplest and least expensive way to secure Australia against this sort of thing – the jihad waged from within – is to refuse to allow even one more identifiable Muslim inside the gates – not as immigrant, nor refugee, nor ‘tourist’, nor ‘student’, nor ‘businessperson’ – and to require all non-citizen Muslims currently present, to depart forthwith.  

Strip Aussie citizenship from any Aussie-passport-holding Muslim known to have tootled off to Syria or Iraq or suchlike, to engage in jihad activity; deny all such persons any reentry to Australia.  

Then raid and search every known mosque; raze to the ground each and every one that was discovered to have any sort of criminal and/ or jihad-related activity gooing on within it.  

And intern every Aussie-passport-holding Muslim currently on the – long and seemingly-ever-expanding – terrorism ‘watch’ list, pending a rejig of the laws to permit stripping of citizenship and deportation.  

‘Rescind all accommodation of Muslim demands: no more recognition of ‘sharia finance’, no more ‘halal certification’ racket.  Ban hijab – and any other form of the Mohammedan Mob’s gang uniform – in all state institutions such as schools.  That would be a start.  

Oh, and cease all ‘aid’ to any foreign Muslim entity – state or non-state or pseudo-state – that currently receives it; and don’t give any government money to mohammedan NGOs within the country.  

And just as we have belatedly begun to worry about, and look into, the deployment of communist Chinese ‘soft power’ in academia, and media, and politics, and among Chinese emigres, in this country, so we should also worry about, and look into, the similar deployment of OIC ‘soft power’ – especially the corrupting influence (in academia, media, politics, business) of money flowing from entities such as the House of Saud, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, and not forgetting Muslim-suffused and Muslim-dominated Indonesia, with whom we have a most unhealthy relationship – with a view to putting a stop to it. – CM



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  1. Update. A little googling around has given me the information that the ABC did not see fit to include in its bare-bones report. To wit: that her name is “Linda Merhi” and that her lawyer’s name is “Mona El-Baba” (these days, most Muslims who come up before the courts are represented by fellow Muslims; Muslim entrisme in our judiciary is well under way).
    What I don’t know is whether the “Linda” is her ‘external’, ‘Aussie-friendly’ name, adopted as an alternative to a more classically Muslim birth-name, or whether Ms Merhi is either 1/ the born-Infidel (but converted to Islam?) spouse of a Muslim or 2/ the child of a Muslim and of an Aussie infidel or convert. Any one of these three options would account for the non-Islamic first-name ‘Linda’.

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