T0mmy R0bins0n detained in Mexico on holiday on orders of UK government

T0mmy R0bins0n is reporting on his GETTR account (and also on Telegram, but I can’t see that for myself. However people I trust tell me this) that he travelled with his family including his children to Mexico in the last few days for a holiday, during the school Easter holidays.

His children were allowed entry in company with the other adults of the party but T0mmy is held by the Mexican authorities. This piece of video which I can’t embed shows T0mmy talking to two English speaking officials who say that they have orders (or a request) from the British government.

“We had alert for national…maybe you have some problem in your country? …”

“So my country alerted your country?”

“Yes” They nod”

And told you not to let me in?”


“Yes”  They nod again. “Yes, your country told us… You need to speak to your embassy”

Meanwhile the Gateway Pundit website ponders whether the hand of US president Joe Biden is visible.

During the afternoon, while I have been out, T0mmy has arrived back in England, where police were waiting for him at Manchester airport.

He says “After being detained in Mexico Infront of my children and held for days, deported to Manchester, a police officer tried to provoke me into a fight anyway possible, grabbed me by the throat, ripped my t-shirt, then dragged me out the back and did the same, when they realised too many witnesses were there, a group of women refused to leave the airport until officers took their statements as they were that disgusted at the police action. Only after two more officers came up to him, he apologised!”

You can hear two bystanders saying that the police are ‘out of order’.  And the husband replies to his wife “Aye, they roughed him up”. Here is a short clip of said policeman. I don’t know who took the video, or how they got it to T0mmy. But he is well liked in the white working class districts of Manchester and the North West (less so in the Asian and gentrified districts amongst the media luvvies.)

T0mmy believes that the police were trying to bait him into a reaction so he could be legitimately arrested.

The usual suspects are crowing with delight, begrudging T0mmy a holiday (because of his bankruptcy) and hoping the Mexican government will keep him. But as T0mmy says here:

If they can do it to me, they can do it to you. And they will, if you become a pain in their arse too.

This is Reuters on the subject.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -British far-right activist Tommy Robinson said he was detained upon arrival with his children at Mexico’s Cancun airport . . . Robinson, co-founder of the English Defence League (EDL) which has staged violent demonstrations against Islam . . . Robinson has been convicted in the United Kingdom on several charges including fraud, stalking and assault, according to The Guardian newspaper.

And this is in my opinion, a very pertinent comment atached to that article

He’s over the target with his Telford exposures……….And this Government are scared of the 2nd  disclosure coming on 7th May

I don’t know where T0mmy is now, or what his situation is; I’m going to publish this and can update during the evening if I hear anything.