TERROR ALERT: 3,000 Islamist extremists in Britain ‘ready to ATTACK the UK in weeks’


TERROR police are monitoring more than 3,000 homegrown Islamist extremists who are willing to carry out attacks on the UK, security sources have warned.

Terrifying numbers of British men and women – many of whom are still teenagers – are being radicalised and could stage attacks on home soil within weeks.

More than half of suspected Islamist extremists on watch lists live in London – particularly in the east and west. But there are other hotspots in the southeast, Manchester and the West Midlands.

The revelation comes as MI5 boss Andrew Parker revealed that Britain is currently battling the “highest number” of terror plots for more than 30 years. Mr Parker became the first MI5 director in the agency’s history to give a live broadcast interview in a bid to warn the nation that the UK is under constant threat of terror attacks.

He confirmed the UK’s security agencies are having to work harder than ever to protect Britons, following last last week’s revelation by David Cameron that secret services had foiled six terror plots over the past year. Mr Parker also revealed intelligence had disrupted a further nine attack plots overseas.

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  1. It is probably a terrible thing t say, but I hope they do (as long as I am not in the vicinity!) because at least it will be out in the open.

  2. “British men and women”.

    No. They are not “British men and women”.

    They are “Britain-based Muslim Fifth Columnists”.

    Even if born in Britain, even if second or third generation born within the Muslim colonies in the UK, and even if converts to Islam from an indigenous British non-Muslim background, hey are not British; they are an enemy within, giving their loyalty only to the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, the de facto Empire of Islam; dreaming of the global Caliphate, which is a dream of Hell made manifest on earth, a license to plunder and to kill without limit and without mercy, to unloose every evil desire in the human psyche. They are an *army*, awaiting orders.

    And that 3000 are only those that happen to have been stumbled across.

    What of the others still flying under the radar; the others who are yet to Go Jihad?

    What happens when there are 6000? 10,000?

    At what point does Britain – and every other Infidel country world-wide with a large, aggressive, whining, tantrum-throwing and menacing colony of Muslims inside its gates – wake up and realise that it is being assailed from within by an *invading army*?? And face facts: to deal with *that*, to shut down its military bases/ forts/ arsenals/ weapons factories aka ‘mosques’ and ‘islamic centres’ and ‘islamic schools’, and enforce infidel law no. matter. what., and turf out the invaders, beginning with their rabble-rousing leadership, the inciters of Jihad, the jihad gang bosses, is going to be a job not just for the police but for the national *army*?

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