Terror attack in France; some information about the murderer


From the Times

Religious and political tensions have escalated in France after a knife-wielding Sudanese refugee killed two people.

With police treating the attack in the small town near Grenoble as terrorism, far-right leaders seized on the incident to further their campaigns for a crackdown on immigration and crime.

Abdallah Ahmed-Osman, who is in his thirties and was given asylum in 2017, stabbed seven people within 15 minutes in Romans-sur-Isère while reportedly shouting “Allahu akbar”.

Julien Vinson, 44, whose family owns the Charrette Theatre in the town, was killed as he went out to open his shutters. Ahmed-Osman then killed Thierry Nivon, 55, a computer engineer, who was shopping in a butcher’s. He also attacked people in a bakery and a tobacconist, which are among the few shops allowed to open under lockdown.

When police arrived Ahmed-Osman knelt and asked to be killed, French media reported. He did not resist arrest.  .. .Police raided the flat where Ahmed-Osman lived and found “handwritten documents in which the author . . . complains about living in a country of infidels”. Neighbours said he complained about having to stay indoors during the lockdown.

Another Sudanese refugee, 28, who was in Ahmed-Osman’s flat, was held. Police then raided his flat and arrested a third Sudanese asylum seeker.


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