The Brexit Party doing very well – alas Tommy Robinson is not elected

Results are coming in thick and fast from the EU elections which were held on Thursday in the UK and over the weekend in the rest of Europe. 
Initial results are that The Brexit party came first in Eastern England and that region will return three Brexit Party members. They are also the biggest party in Wales.

The full result for the North West region has not yet been declared but from the results in so far Tommy Robinson has not got enough votes to win a MEP seat. He has, however received the most votes of any indepenedent that has ever stood for election as an MEP (in the UK) since that parliament’s inception. In some districts his share of the vote was comparable to that of UKIP and the Conservative Party, albeit they were all some way behind the Brexit Party and Labour/Lib Dems. He has gained that with no media coverage, a virtual news censorship, barred from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, physically attacked by milkshake throwers and a Muslim mob.

He has made this statement: Picture Sky News

Before leaving the Manchester Central venue, he told his followers on the Telegram private messaging app: “Disappointed to say the least. They (the votes) are not in but they are in … at the same time what do you expect? Going through the votes we have certainly not got a place as a MEP but I want to say a special thank you to every single person who supported.”

The exercise wasn’t in vain; there’s a basis on which to build. 

It is nearly midnight in London and I’m going to turn the PC off shortly. More results in the morning.