The Democrat Election Plan: Chaos

The threat is real, and it’s coming. Big time.

by Kenneth R. Timmerman

Options traders who specialize in hedging against risk get it. According to a recent report from FoxBusiness, “the options markets are signaling the very real possibility that neither President Trump nor Joe Biden will be the clear-cut winner on Election Day, Nov. 3.”

Instead of a clear-cut victor there will be chaos. So-called “peaceful” protests. Media outrage. Riots.

And the chaos will all be aimed at one goal: changing the outcome of the election, which otherwise the Democrats are sure to lose.

How can I say this?

Because I’ve been studying the Democrats’ game plan for the past eight years, since I was a Republican nominee for Congress in Maryland in 2012.

I saw first-hand many of the tactics that a former Democrat Party election operative recently revealed in a stunning insider’s account published by the New York Post.

The operative, a self-styled Bernie Sanders supporter, accomplished his dirty work for years in New Jersey, and “led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania,” the Post reported on August 29.

He said he was coming forward “in the hope that states would act now to fix the glaring security problems present in mail-in ballots.”

Don’t hold your breath.

One of the tricks this operative and his cohorts used was to go door-to-door to collect completed absentee (now called “mail-in”) ballots as a public service. They would steam them open and replace Republican ballots with Democrat ballots, then reseal them and drop them in the mail. Once they reached the elections office and officials matched the signature on the outer envelope with the voter rolls, they simply dropped the fake ballots into ballot boxes with real ballots to be counted. And voilà.

Another technique was to employ partisan mail carriers to harvest absentee ballots in Republican areas and simply dump them in the garbage.

Another was to “harvest” absentee ballots in nursing homes, being careful to help invalids fill them out the “correct” way.

Yet another was to pay the homeless to vote.

And in states with no voter ID – such as Maryland, where I ran for office – this operative would send paid volunteers from polling place to place with index cards bearing the names of real voters and their addresses. At each polling place, the fake voter would sign in as the real voter and vote.

I personally witnessed a BMW with Washington, DC, license plates carry five young men from polling place to polling place in my suburban Maryland district in 2012. But because there was no voter ID, we could do nothing to stop them.

I also watched as Democrat party operatives escorted bus-loads of mentally-incompetent people to the polls. Just try challenging their right to vote with Democrat activists serving as election judges!

These are very real threats this November.

The Democrats plan to flood polling places in half a dozen swing states with millions of questionable ballots, then have armies of lawyers battle it out for weeks until voters have had enough and demand that states “call” the election.

I look at these tactics and much more in my new book, The Election Heist, which I wrote to prepare you for what could happen this November.

The book went off to the publisher in early February. And yet, many of the scenes I wrote then are already starting to happen.

predicted Antifa riots along New York’s Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower, and in other cities across the country.

I predicted that Democrat operatives would swamp the polls at closing time in key swing states with thousands of voters demanding to register and vote. This is a tactic now being championed by the George Soros-funded Brennan Center for Justice in New York City, which is spending millions to lobby states to allow voters to register and vote on election day, before their eligibility can be verified.

This same Soros-funded public policy group is also spending heavily to promote universal vote-by mail, while sister organizations have sent more than two million absentee ballot applications to “irregular voters” in Georgia who haven’t voted in recent elections. Many of them would otherwise be scrubbed from the rolls because they are deceased or have moved. But thanks to Soros money, they will vote.

And these are just the threats we know of, that have already been used by Democrat operatives, sometimes leading to federal prosecutions and convictions.

In The Election Heist, I also look at more exotic means of tipping the election, by means of sophisticated electronic hacking that actually changes the results of votes cast.

For those who think this is not possible, think again. At DEFCON 2018, a well-known hackers’ forum, it took two 11-year olds less than thirty minutes to break into a replica of Florida’s voter registration data base. In real life, they could have altered voter records, deleting hundreds of thousands of registered Republicans.

The vulnerabilities of direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines have been known for years, and I witnessed them first-hand during the 2012 election in Maryland.

Most people believe these machines, which led to accusations of “black box voting,” have been retired. But think again. Even in Florida, which uses paper ballots and electronic tabulators, DRE machines are still used for voters with disabilities or who can’t read English.

As The Election Heist shows, Democrat operatives such as the one who recently “confessed” his crimes to the New York Post face a smorgasbord of choices. And they will use them all.

This is not a time for our election officials or for ordinary citizens to sit back and believe the comforting fairy tales the Democrat media has long repeated, that no such thing as voter fraud exists.

It exists. It is real. And it is coming, big time.

Be prepared.

First published at Frontpage magazine.


NY Times best-selling author Kenneth R. Timmerman is the author of Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary and Obama blamed for Benghazi, and 10 other works of non-fiction. The Election Heist, a fictional account of the 2020 election, is his fourth published novel.


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