The Democrats Literally Kicking a Dead Horse

by Gary Fouse

The Democrat party continues to sink to new lows. With the support of ten Republicans, the Dems in the House of Representatives have brought impeachment back to the country, just days before President Trump leaves office. Trump now stands as the first US president to be impeached twice. Is that the point of it all, or is the point to keep Trump from running again in 2024? 

It is clear that this is a pointless vendetta. Not only that but the soon-to-be Democrat majority in the Senate, realizing there is no time to conduct a Senate trial, now plans to start the trial after Joe Biden takes office. In other words, Trump will be tried after he leaves office. Hey! Why not start impeachment proceedings against Woodrow Wilson while we’re at it?

Aside from the absurdity of it all, why are we putting the country through this again? Isn’t the country divided enough? Hasn’t Biden asked the country to come together now? Well, he can forget about that. A Senate trial against former President Trump is going to leave about half the country outraged and can only increase extremism on some parts of the right in this country. It will also increase fears that the all-powerful Democrats are coming after all of us who say things they don’t like. In other words, our First Amendment rights are in real danger. The Democrat party, aligned with their allies in Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube etc, are really going to crack down on conservative voices. The universities, already bastions of leftist censorship, will really feel emboldened now. This could out to be the snowball that turns into an avalanche. 

Consider this: They want to go after Trump at this late stage because of the words he uttered on January 6 that allegedly “instigated” the riot at the Capitol. I have read the transcript of the speech. Yes, he encouraged the crowd to march to the Capitol. That they did so was not wrong in itself. What Trump did not encourage them to do was to breach the Capitol, wreck the place, and put a stop to the Electoral College proceedings. 

I wonder how many of these Democrats were calling for the head of Al Sharpton after he gave his fiery speeches in the midst of the deadly Crown Heights riots in 1991. Four years later, in 1995, there was “Reverend Al” again stoking the flames which helped lead to the murder of 7 people at Freddie’s Fashion Mart in New York. MSNBC never cared about all that because they gave him his own talk show where he could join the chorus calling for Trump’s head.

Joe Biden has already signaled that he doesn’t think another impeachment trial is in the best interest of the country. Now we will see how much power he will wield as president. Is he the leader of the Democrat party? Or is it Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or soon-to-be-anointed Kamala Harris?

You don’t have to be a fan of Trump to see the hypocrisy in all this. They say Trump should not be in office one more minute, let alone a week. But they cannot stop him from filling out his term. All they do now is conduct a trial after the prisoner has already died, so to speak. Whether they can get enough Republicans to give them the necessary 2/3rds majority necessary to convict is another question. 

It is not just about Trump; the whole thing reeks of, “We have won it all and now we are going to destroy all of you.” The new Justice Department will vigorously investigate groups like the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, and Qanon. Perhaps, they should as to the extent they were allegedly involved in the events of January 6. But will they investigate Black Lives Matter and Antifa just as vigorously? What if, after conducting their kangaroo trial of Trump, it is found that Antifa was also involved on January 6 posing as MAGA folks?

Whatever happened to the old adage, “Let’s don’t make a martyr out of the guy..?” The Democrats would do well to remember that. Trump is just days away from being history. Let the man go off in peace and let’s see if Joe Biden can really close the chapter, take control of his party, and bring the country back together. I am speaking rhetorically, of course.