The Devil and the Democrats

by Daniel Mallock

The smartest thing the devil ever did was convince people that he doesn’t exist.  Taking a page from the devil’s operating manual, the “smartest” and one of the most conniving things the Democrats ever did was convince the majority of their base that they aren’t revolutionaries.

What does it look like when a large part of the polity are revolutionists who think they are patriots?  It looks like our current political culture of intolerance (driven by the hyper-“tolerant” Left); hatred; and socialist/communist, utopian, globalist fantasies.

American politics is now upside-down because our government, founded and built by men and women who well understood that any government is a necessary evil, is now viewed by too many of the revolutionary Left as the facilitator of solutions and the solver of problems that were never thought to be or constructed to be within its purview.  This confusion puts the country now in an unpleasant and dangerous contretemps.

That a great many on the revolutionary Left believe that the country is a racist failure (and always was) fuels their grotesque justifications to fundamentally change it.  Any chief executive who exposes these frauds for what they are would necessarily be cruelly attacked, simply out of a survival impetus from the forces of corruption and revolutionism.  That corruption is so closely tied to these revolutionary forces of the Left makes for a perfect storm of bitterness to oust the duly elected president, whose mission is to expose and expel them all, regardless of party affiliation.  The vicious personal attacks now faced by the president are similar in tone, but ramped up in vitriol in comparison, to those faced by John Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, and Reagan.  In effect, the attacks on President Trump are unprecedented because the times themselves are so overwrought with excess, hyperbole, corruption, and ignorance.

There are certainly overt revolutionary forces at work on the Left — Antifa and their allies and the proud socialist/communist junior representatives in particular — but the Democratic Party itself now proposes revolutionary plans to fundamentally change the government and the economy.  Moreover, the party aims to empower the government in a way unforeseen and unwanted by anyone other than communists and utopian revolutionaries.  The Democratic Party is a socialist/communist movement to undermine the government, society, and economy of the country to bring about its version of socialist/communist utopia.  All the while Democrat leadership proclaim their love of the Constitution and the country (with several loud exceptions), they actively undermine both.  It’s an astonishing and dangerous turn of events that all decent Americans should acknowledge and oppose. 

The utopian imperative is a universal flaw in the human species, much like addiction or depression or mental illness.  This desire for utopian solutions is not the result of logical, rational, or critical thinking.  Rather, it is ages-old utopian fascism rearing its ugly head.  What is the body count of the various utopian ideologies and movements across the centuries?  Certainly, the answer is no less than hundreds of millions of victims.

History and precedent are not in play here because the fantasists of the Left believe that though everybody else before them (and in Venezuela, too) “got it wrong,” they will most assuredly “get it right”!

There is a portrait of Andrew Jackson on the wall of the Oval Office for a specific reason: Trump knows that Jackson is the model of clearing the Washington swamp of corruption.  This sort of exposure and eradication of corruption at the seat of power must occur every few generations to keep the institutions of the country functioning correctly and protected from the self-aggrandizers and careerists (and worse) who see duty not as a national and personal responsibility, but as an opportunity for the exercise of power and influence and the acquisition of wealth at the expense of the people.

The utopian socialist/commie Democrat revolutionists who think they are patriots protecting the Constitution and the state while they undermine both are elements of the moral corruption and ignorance now so widespread across this troubled land.

History is both linear and cyclical; we’ve seen this sort of lunacy and corruption and revolutionism before.  Whittaker Chambers wrote a book about it, called Witness, which ought to be required reading in every American school from high school to university.  In this era of the leftification of the academy, it is understandable (though inexcusable) that perhaps 0.01 percent of university students and recent graduates will have even heard of it.

Chambers, an intellectual and onetime editor of Time magazine, had been an active participant in communist cells, networks, and organizations in the 1930s, some of them involved in subversion or worse, whose purpose was to overturn the Constitution and country.  A day came when he realized that communism was inherently evil, and he turned.  In this turning, he became a hero, fighting the very spies and subversives he once called “comrade.”  Chambers’s HUAC testimony against senior State Department official Alger Hiss was an essential element of perhaps the most important legal case of the Cold War and exposed the great threat to the nation posed by the  communists of that era.  Chambers is an American hero, and his book should now be read by all decent people because it is a blueprint from the 1930s of our own time.

History is cyclical — we are in a period of great dangers with enemies of the Constitution active in the open.  Now they are in the halls of power, throughout the media, and across the popular culture.  The dirty, hidden conflict of the 1930s now plays out in plain sight on front pages and in the halls of the Congress.

Most Democrats will deny that they are revolutionists just as most of the possessed are unaware of their own possession.  The leader who fights entrenched corruption in the halls of power will always be vigorously opposed by the corrupt and the corrupted — whose only purpose under the harsh light of scrutiny is self-preservation.

All Americans who love freedom and the Constitution should feel empowered in this essential conflict now underway in our country.  It is not only moral, ethical, and political corruption that we are fighting, but a political party whose membership is widely unaware (and tragically so) that their efforts to “save the country” are actually revolutionary efforts to destroy it.

It is an extraordinary moment, and ambivalence now is acquiescence to disaster.  The devil will always get his due by those corrupt people who deal with him, and the revolutionists will be exposed and defeated by those who love freedom and understand, just as our founders did, that government is a necessary evil, not the utopian godhead to drive the bogeyman away.  Whittaker Chambers saw the bogeyman; he once helped him, and then fought him.  We can see the bogeymen — they all must be delegitimized and defeated in discourse and at the voting booth.

When the president is re-elected and a new House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) is reconstituted to hold the revolutionists and the corrupt accountable, one can hope that beside the American flag there will be a portrait of Andrew Jackson on the wall.

First published in the American Thinker