The Elephant in the Room is Wearing a Tutu

by Carl Nelson

Something I’ve noticed, and that I’m certain that many other married men have noticed, is that wives are preternaturally often unable to do a task without asking for assistance. They must disrupt whatever the man is doing (perhaps just sitting), for something they could just as well have done themselves… (for example, taking the meat out of the freezer for dinner) but they didn’t, or they don’t – or they won’t?

If a man grumbles, the woman might say, “It’s such a little thing. You would think it’s the least your wife would have to ask!” And indeed they win. You are a jerk. You grumbled. You did not jump to perform the task with a flourish and a smile. And, in truth, it is a small thing. It might take a few minutes, but then you are back to your comforts.

Honestly though, the women could have very well done the thing themselves. And, in fact, if it were the husband, he would probably not have involved the wife in whatever garage fixit, or yard work he was pursuing – or meal, that he was preparing. Usually, if a man need’s something, he’ll just sigh, at the interruption – and go get it. It might be easier to ask the wife, but then he’d not only have the task, but his wife to deal with as well, and asking him further questions or discussing what he should do next.

Still, here’s the takeaway. It’s not the help the man has provided. Rather it’s the disruption the wife has caused, and the small request (command) that the husband has then accommodated. It is by these thousand small cuts that the wives cement the chain of command within a household. The only prudent male defense would seem to be evacuation to the garage or golf range. (It certainly would not do to bring up the issue, such as I’m doing here!) Such strategizing seems to come as a genetic endowment with women.

I remember first being appraised of this technique in a novel, “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett.

All of this is prelude to writing that to my thinking this has been the same technique used upon us to pervert the Constitutional safeguards our nation’s Founders established. This entirely organic and naturally come about strategy has persisted and extrapolated with use by the Women’s Movement until we are now in a situation where entitlements and their wet nursing bureaucracies rule. As a supporting metric, I would offer the decline in this country’s practice of fiduciary responsibility (a measure from which most other evils spring) – as a decline which historically very graphically matches women’s influence on the national scene.

Currently, there seems the belief that we can just print money to pay for everything. (I mean, the checkbook still has checks left, right?) While surprise! Biden’s most ardent supporters are young single women, with Taylor Swift being their poster child.

All co-incidentals?


6 Responses

  1. Carl, you are not paranoid, you are complexly, rationaly annoyed, that is, anoid. The help you need is at this time unavailable AND beyond human ken (to say nothing of Barbie).
    Your immediate solace in attitude adjustment resides in the ministations of a Level 7 Prime Android-4the-Annoyed.
    Ask for my associate, Klbdnf, for an appointment.

  2. In the Freeman household, when Mrs Freeman tries that stuff with me, I remind her of a segment cut from an early scene of the The Dirty Dozen. It’s when the condemned men are learning their sentences. The segment was cut, I knowledgeably inform my wife looking her straight in the eye, as thought too horrible for the American male to endure.

    All the other sentences have been the read out. Now the camera closes in on the terror-stricken face of last of the unfortunates as he hears his fate:

    “Death by nagging!”.

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