The Increasing Danger from the Left

by Gary Fouse

Up until the nomination and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, we thought we had seen a new low in the tactics of the left over the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Both events should provide a stark lesson to Americans as to the danger of the left in American politics and life.

With Trump we saw that some of our most trusted officials and institutions (FBI) could be corrupted to the point where they would whitewash an investigation into one presidential candidate (Hillary Clinton) and work to undermine, smear and destroy another (Trump). We also saw how the DNC worked hand in hand with the Clinton campaign to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Then came Brett Kavanaugh, a  conservative judge who threatened to become the 5th conservative on the Supreme Court. Senator Chuck Schumer himself said that he would do anything to defeat this nomination. He did. Enter Stanford professor Christine Ford and her charges of some 30+ years ago of sexual assault against Kavanaugh when they were both high school students. She could provide no corroboration, and those she named as being at the same party could offer no corroboration whatsoever. Similarly, two other women came forth, one brought out by fame-seeking attorney Michael Avenatti (also representing former porn actress Stormy Daniels). Neither of these women could provide corroboration either. Though he was ultimately confirmed, it will take years for Kavanaugh and his family to overcome this assault on their lives.

That didn’t stop the crazies from disrupting the confirmation hearings right up to the final vote. After the vote, they stormed the Supreme Court itself, banging on the doors in a crazed hysteria. Death threats accompanied all this. Even a teacher in Minnesota sent out a request through social media to assassinate Kavanaugh. Naturally, the silly folks in Hollywood pitched in with their own statements and videos.

And now, with November elections coming, many leaders on the left and in the Democrat party are calling for a stacking of the Supreme Court-increasing the number of justices in order to overcome the 5-4 conservative majority. They are calling for an end to the electoral college that put Trump in the White House, and make no mistake: If they take over Congress or even just the House of Representatives, they will try to impeach Trump as well as Kavanaugh.

Through it all, our media has conducted itself with shame. Every day CNN and MSNBC devote their entire day to bashing Trump and anything Republican. The New York Times and Washington Post (just to name a couple), once proud flagships of American newspapers, have become little more than Democrat party daily journals, full of poorly or hastily researched articles against Trump.

If you think our universities are not out of control with left-wing radicalism, I invite you to link to sites like The College Fix and Campus Reform. Read about all the wacko things going on at our universities, from Harvard to UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan to the University of Alabama and points in-between. Professors who are nothing but intellectual misfits are indoctrinating our students as to how evil the US is and how Israel is conducting “apartheid” against the poor Palestinians. Not only is the university the focal point of the resurgence of anti-semitism in America, it has now spawned an inexplicable movement against white people in general. And the result? Look no further than this week in Portland, Oregon, where Antifa-types took over “traffic control” duties in a major intersection hurling verbal abuse and physical threats against white motorists while real police sat like potted plants and let it all happen. And don’t think the white-hating hooligans were all black or Hispanic. They were mostly white.

This is the left in America.

I hate to make this article sound like a partisan political piece. (I am a registered independent.) But this mid-term election is not one in which we want to stay home. If the Democrats capture Congress, with their radical agenda, it will be a catastrophe. We need to stand up against this left-wing radicalism, not just with our votes, but with our voices and our own responsible, law-abiding activism. It is my hope and belief that the recent craziness exhibited by the left and their Democrat proxies in Congress will motivate the majority of sensible Americans to loudly reject this ugliness come November.