The Kerala Story now showing in the UK

Well, the Kerala Story showed over the weekend at the Piccadilly cinema in Leicester, the Vue in Manchester and Leeds daily, Cineworld both in Ilford and the O2 Greenwich (aka The Millenium dome) and is scheduled there three times a day for the rest of the week.  Unlike Lady of Heaven no showings have been pulled (so far as I can tell) and the only trouble (again so far as I can see) was in Birmingham where a Muslim ‘activist’ was thrown out of the Cineworld cinema by a young woman security guard in a yellow vest while a fierce lady in a dupatta admonished him. Then the film was restarted.

I found it on twitter where it was also being retweeted by a rather over-enthusiastic revert called Robert Carter. The Indian press took the incident up today, but the British press are not reporting much at all.

This is the Times of India

A group of radical Muslims in the UK tried to disrupt a show of the film in Birmingham. Muslim activists led by Islamist Shakeel Afsar barged into the theatre and bullied the audience. However, when the audience refused to be cowed down and shouted back at him, he had to back down. He was later escorted out of the hall and the show continued.

Only independent reviewers and journalists are taking any notice such as Naomi Canton a free-lance journalist who covers the UK for the Times of India

…an excellent film that probes what happens when women marry ISIS fighters. Not seen any films like this. To call it a propaganda film is complete nonsense and is itself false propaganda. It could have been a Muslim or non-Muslim woman who married these ISIS fighters.

Good the BBFC released it in the UK and correct to give it an 18 rating as it is very violent.

Update Monday, The Daily Mail featured the story of the cinema disruption this morning.


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