The Latest Attack in Paris: “Motive not Clear”

by Gary Fouse

As I write this, Paris has experienced its latest terrorist attack. It follows the all too common pattern: A young man of Middle Eastern or African origin starts attacking people with a knife, wounding or killing people before being shot or captured by police. In Saturday’s case, one person was killed and at least four others stabbed while the attacker, obviously a Muslim, was shouting, “Allahu Akhbar“. ISIS was quick to claim credit calling the as yet unidentified attacker, one of its “soldiers.”

The other variation occurs when terrorists obtain a truck or van and plow it into a crowd of people.

What is beyond comprehension is the fact that in Europe, the police and media almost always fail to fully describe the attackers for the benefit of the public and/or state that the motive for the attack is unknown or not clear. For example, rather than refer to young Muslim males as being perpetrators, Swedish police and media will just call them, youth”. Oft times in Germany, the offenders are referred to as “southerners”. The uninformed reader might assume the attackers are from the Bavarian Alps.

The same holds true for the wave of rapes that Europe is experiencing since they began letting in hundreds of thousands of young men from the Middle East and Africa as refugees or just plain migrants. And of course, mental illness is uniformly used in Europe to describe the violent actions of a Muslim killer or rapist. 

Our own American media is also often guilty of not fully informing the public about the extent of the threat that we face. And so today, CBS has reported that the dead Paris attacker yelled, “Allahu Akhbar” and that ISIS claimed responsibility all the while telling us that the motive was unclear.

“Local police say least four people were wounded — two severely and two with minor injuries — and at least one victim was killed in the attack. Police have not yet revealed the suspect’s identity. His motive is currently unclear.

Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said Saturday, based on testimonies, the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar,” which is Arabic for “Allah is the Greatest.”  The investigation has been has been handed to the anti-terrorism section of the prosecution office. 

The news agency for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) later claimed the suspect in the attack was one of its “soldiers.”

We don’t want to jump to conclusions, you know.

Allow me to jump to a conclusion. If the attacker is a Muslim, he is attacking random people on the street, he is yelling, “Allahu Akhbar“, and ISIS takes credit, I will infer that the motive is religious-jihad. I am not waiting for the results of the French investigation to play out-if it ever does. This guy wanted to kill infidels (non-Muslims) in the name of Islam because he thought it would make Allah smile. The only thing that matters now is for the French to identify the attacker and determine if anyone else was involved with this attack in any way.


2 Responses

  1. In fact he was most definitely Muslim, but neither African (North African?) nor ‘Middle Eastern”; according to the latest news report I saw in our Aussie media, he was a Chechen – “Born in Chechnya in 1997” – and his parents have been detained for questioning.
    One may safely assume that his parents gained entry to France by claiming to be ‘refugees’ (probably at a time when Russia was cracking down on the most aggressive of the jihad groups in overwhelmingly-Muslim Chechnya). Had the French authorities not listened to yet another mohammedan sob story, had they denied immigrant/ refugee status to this man’s parents and their offspring (which included this murderer), there is a citizen of France who would be alive, who today is dead, murdered by this Muslim who with his parents was – foolishly – allowed to settle in France, there to become part of an enormous and ever-more-aggressive and dangerous Muslim Fifth Column.

  2. Christina,

    You are correct and there is yet another troublesome group. I would turn a blind eye to whatever Putin chooses to do with the Chechchens. Travel ban? Yes!

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