The Old Lion Beset by Subtle Intrigue

Read this article re the former Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party and former cabinet minister, Muslim Baroness Warsi and watch the brief video:

Then read Churchill below and note:

“…poisoned from within by subtle intrigue.”

This then is the way countries are lost and succumb and “let themselves be caught” until they are “gripped and tormented in a base and cruel servitude.”

This is what is happening to Britain. It is submitting. Who is going to stop it? What is going to stop it?

Heaven help everyone.

The Old Lion
Winston Churchill
June 16, 1941

Broadcast from London to the United States on Receiving an Honorary Degree from the University of Rochester, Churchill’s first honorary degree from an American University.


The great Burke has truly said, “People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors,” ….


Wickedness, enormous, panoplied, embattled, seemingly triumphant, casts its shadow over Europe and Asia. Laws, customs and traditions are broken up. Justice is cast from her seat. The rights of the weak are trampled down. The grand freedoms of which the President of the United States has spoken so movingly are spurned and chained. The whole stature of man, his genius, his initiative and his nobility, is ground down under systems of mechanical barbarism and of organized and scheduled terror.

For more than a year we British have stood alone, uplifted by your sympathy and respect and sustained by our own unconquerable will-power and by the increasing growth and hopes of your massive aid. In these British Islands that look so small upon the map we stand, the faithful guardians of the rights and dearest hopes of a dozen States and nations now gripped and tormented in a base and cruel servitude. Whatever happens we shall endure to the end.

But what is the explanation of the enslavement of Europe by the German Nazi regime? How did they do it? It is but a few years ago since one united gesture by the peoples, great and small, who are now broken in the dust, would have warded off from mankind the fearful ordeal it has had to undergo. But there was no unity. There was no vision. The nations were pulled down one by one while the others gaped and chattered. One by one, each in his turn, they let themselves be caught. One after another they were felled by brutal violence or poisoned from within by subtle intrigue.

And now the old lion with her lion cubs at her side stands alone against hunters who are armed with deadly weapons and impelled by desperate and destructive rage. Is the tragedy to repeat itself once more? All no! This is not the end of the tale. The stars in their courses proclaim the deliverance of mankind. Not so easily shall the onward progress of the peoples be barred. Not so easily shall the lights of freedom die. But time is short. Every month that passes adds to the length and to the perils of the journey that will have to be made. United we stand. Divided we fall. Divided, the dark age returns. United, we can save and guide the world!

The Law.



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