The Price of Weakness

by Gary Fouse

As I write this, I note that the radical leftist youth in Seattle have taken over an entire quarter of the city, the police precinct has been vacated and the state governor, when asked about it all, professed total ignorance.

Police all over the country are under attack, not just physically, but their budgets are under attack, and the nation’s know-nothings want them to be disarmed, de-funded and ultimately abolished.

In certain parts of the country, liberal white people are subjecting themselves to humiliating demonstrations of asking forgiveness from black people even washing their feet. What is that supposed to accomplish?

Because of what one bad cop did in Minneapolis and three bad cops failed to stop.

Are we losing our minds? The answer is yes.

For years, we have seen this submission from Europeans as they allow their countries to be overrun by migrants from the Middle East and Africa who, rather than be grateful for the opportunity and assimilate, are wreaking havoc on the host countries. I mean havoc in the form of riots, crimes, terrorism, and rape not to mention astronomical welfare costs. But if Europeans complain about that, they risk not only shaming, but loss of job, fines, and even jailing. In all likelihood, it is already too late to save Europe.

Now it is Americans who are submitting.

And our leaders? Well, the Democrats are signing on to the insanity because they went off the rails a long time ago. From the cowardly Republicans, we get silence. Who will stand with our police? Where are the politicians? Where are the religious leaders? Is it all left to those of us in cyberspace?

This is no longer about justice for George Floyd. Everyone agrees that his death was wrongful, and the 4 cops have been fired, indicted, and are awaiting trial. That does not condemn the hundreds of thousands of police across the country, 99.5% of whom are doing honorable work. Nor is this about improving the lives of black Americans-especially the law-abiding blacks who have to suffer living in high crime areas and now face the prospect of zero police protection. Oh, don’t worry; Black Lives Matters will protect you and your homes. If we ever have another 9-11, it will be Antifa running into the buildings to save lives instead of the now much maligned NYPD.

But there is good news! HBO is removing Gone With the Wind. We are tearing down statues and erasing the last vestiges of our culture that have anything to do with white people. A UCLA professor is now living under death threats, removed from his class and stigmatized by his own superiors for having the temerity to refuse a black student’s request to exempt black students from exams because of the unbelievable trauma that is ensuing in the wake of the incident in Minnesota. That’ll teach him. Eric Garcetti, the feckless mayor of Los Angeles, is taking some 100 million dollars from the LAPD budget and transferring it to the black community (no specific details provided). The Minneapolis City Council wants to abolish their police department altogether. 

On Wednesday, David Dorn, a retired black St Louis police captain, was laid to rest, a victim of being shot while trying to defend a shop from looters. Reverend Al Sharpton was not there. Neither were any famous hip-hop artists. Joe Biden didn’t send in a videotaped message of solidarity. Who on the left speaks on behalf of David Dorn?

Who on the left speaks for Patrick Underwood, a black Federal Protective Services officer, who was shot and killed trying to protect the federal building in Oakland during the riots? Where is Joe Biden? Where is Al Sharpton? Where are the Nancy Pelosis taking a knee in his memory? Where is the support for the hundreds of cops around the country who have been shot and injured during the riots?

As we have seen, Europe has and is still submitting. The question is now: Will we submit as well? Will the Seattle police or National Guard go in and take back that area of Seattle that is occupied? Will we reject out-of-hand this insane proposal to de-fund and/or eliminate our police? 

So, who is going to run this country? Do we focus on reform and improving police training while working harder to weed out the bad apples? Or do we just throw the baby out with the bath water? We shall see in November. I have a feeling, a hope, that America will speak loud and clear on election day. And if they want to call it a riot, so be it.


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