The Rape of Britain Episode IV

T0mmy R0bins0n was in Telford again this afternoon with the fourth instalment of his investigation and documentary into the rape gangs that have abused and assaulted (to put it mildly) English girls (although we know it happens in Scotland and to Sikh girls) for several decades.

The film was played in Telford and the rally around it was livestreamed. A small group of ‘anti fascist’ Stop T0mmy R0bins0n and trade unionists countered the rally.

The Film was expected to be uploaded at 8pm, an hour ago. At the moment this link is the best I can find.

I haven’t watched much of it yet; that will have to wait until tomorrow when I will put up anything better that has gone on line. Gettr likes a subscription so you may have to knock down a log in request at intervals. When it goes up on You Tube we know from past experience that the video won’t last long there.

I’m sure the technical details will be sorted out overnight. The link I provided last night is still working and seems to be as good as any.

Episode I  

Episode II

Episode III


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