The Real Story on how Three American Heroes foiled the Jihad Terrorist on the Thalys Train

Three American Heroes

 USNG Alek Skarlatos,USAF Airman Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler

The real story finally emerged over night on who the three American friends and  heroes were who subdued the Moroccan Jihadi, 26 year old Ayoub El-Khazzani, an alleged ISIS- inspired jihadi terrorist, on a train enroute to Paris.  El-Kazzani had been under surveillance by several European intelligence services. He had allegedly traveled to Turkey to meet French ISIS fighters.

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Ayoub El-Khazzani

Source:  Daily Star

Three Americans, USAF airman 1st class Spencer Stone, college buddy Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos an Oregon National Guardsman sprang into action to subdue and hog tie  Moroccan jihadi El -Khazzaani caught loading his AK -47 about to shoot innocent passengers on a fast Thalys train bound for Paris after he boarded in Brussels. The three friends were on a European tour together boarded in Amsterdam headed for Paris their ultimate destination. Stone who nearly lost his thumb in the melee with El-Khazzaani using a box cutter gave life saving treatment to a severely wounded passenger. Stone has been released from a hospital in Paris after receved treatment for his wounds. These guys knew what devastation a full magazine of the Kalashnikov could do in the passenger compartment.

 President Obama thanked them on a call when they were taken to the US Embassy in Paris. The French had presented medals for their brave actions. We trust they will be suitably recognized for their actions by the President upon their return from Europe.

There some important takeaways from this latest jihad terrorist attack on the high speed Thalys train bound originally from Amsterdam to Paris. Mass Muslim immigration in Europe and America has to be halted. Those Jihadi in the West inspired by the barbarism of USIS who perpetrate this murderous violence will pay the ultimate price when confronted by American servicemen even in mufti. If the message wasn’t clear enough before this episode to the Obama West Wing, it should be now. ISIS must be crushed with force, certainly not relying on air attacks alone. Finally the media got this story bulloxed badly about who these brave Americans were. They assumed them to be Marines, when the facts emerged that they weren’t. As a retired Marine Colonel whom I was with today on a planning retreat said, we’ll take those mistakes all the time. More to the point he said those guys knew what was about to happen when they heard the fateful click of chambering a round from the magazine of the Kalishikov. We.wish Airman Stone full recovery from his wounds and all the best to his companions, Oregon National Guardsman Alek Sklaratos and college buddy Sadler. They are America’s finest examples of courage in the face of certain death from a deranged jihadi who demanded his weapon back as they assaulted and hog tied him.

My colleague Dr. Rich Swier of the eponymous eMagazine added this note to his version of this article:

Ayoub El-Khazzani, a Muslim from Morocco, was trained by the Islamic State as reported by Robert Spencer. Notice that the ABC reporters did not identify Ayoub El-Khazzani as either a Muslim nor member of the Islamic State.

Watch this news video on this foiled terrorist story:

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