The Transgender Movement is Child Abuse. Period.

by Armando Simón

Trannies need us to play along or the entire illusion comes crashing down. Think “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but with a psychologically fragile monarch and a kingdom full of subjects afraid that if they speak the truth, the emperor will kill himself. Viewed that way, the little boy at the story’s end is the villain. —David Cole

Texas faced reality on the transgender mania and passed a law that essentially stated that carrying out physical and chemical mutilation of children was child abuse. Alabama followed suit. Florida passed a law against sexually grooming schoolchildren and, predictably, liberals howled in indignation and have started fighting the laws.

There is a child abuse movement operating arrogantly out in the open. Elsewhere, I have argued that it is one of those castration cults that crop up in history from time to time. Its present aim is to brainwash children into subjecting themselves to chemical and physical mutilation, aka, to become transgender. Or, at the very least, to become gay. At the hands of a master, children are easily influenced, or more appropriately, brainwashed, by trusted persons in authority into doing and believing almost anything. And children are never too young to be targeted by leftist totalitarians, even kindergarteners.

These malevolent perpetrators are doing so in schools. They are leftist teachers (many of whom are frankly neurotic, and/or outright perverts) backed by school administrators who justify themselves as being “child advocates.” They do so by desensitizing the topic, employing euphemisms, minimizing the dangers, belittling parents, telling their victims “it’s our little secret so don’t tell your parents,” desensitizing children to grotesque transgenders through having the latter to be present reading stories and telling them jokes in libraries, handing out questionnaires that ask personal questions, hanging encouraging posters on the walls, having pornographic books in school libraries (for the sake of—all together now—“Diversity”), not to mention fun activities like teaching little children how to dress in “drag.” And then there are field trips to gay bars—for elementary school children. They can then participate on stage and earn money that way. It is patently obvious that children in many schools are being sexualized and targeted for grooming by predatory pedophiliacs, and that some teachers have a personal, ulterior, motive for their actions. Childhood is being sexualized by liberal perverts. It is certainly not being done by conservatives.

And, of course, children who resist are being penalized.

I am sorry if this offends liberals, but a teacher’s job description is to teach mathematics, history, literature, science, geography. It does not include teaching masturbation to little children nor does it require the teachers to inform their students whether they like to lick vaginas or munch down on a penis.

Meanwhile, parents are seen as the enemy with no rights to their children in their master plan to remake the next generation, and must be kept out of the loop. In progressive California, the state government and the teachers’ union have come down squarely against the parents in promoting transgender transitions for children, while some activists are urging that all children be given puberty-blocking medication until they decide whether to transgender or not. These liberals are truly evil. Some transgenders are so full of hate, if not self-hate, that they urge others to kill real women.

In their sick minds, children who are so young that they have trouble doing division or multiplication nonetheless understand all the implications and procedures to become transgender. Indeed, children are not considered mature enough to vote, or go to doctors for illnesses, get a driver’s license, yet should be allowed to engage in chemical and physical mutilation at the behest of a manipulative adult with an agenda. Indeed, we are assured that a 6 y/o is mature enough who can not only decide to change genders, but should be encouraged to do so.

To be sure, liberal parents who support this movement and push their own children to become gay or transgender. The president of Disney General Entertainment is one such person, with three—count them, three!—children who are beyond hope. Progressives eagerly offer up their helpless children to the transgender Moloch, just so that they, the parents, will receive adulation from other progressives. These neurotic liberal parents—and they mostly tend to be women—whose very young children claim they are transgender, are exhibiting Munchausen by proxy, and Child Protective Services should be called on them.

So far, normal, rational parents’ ineffective reactions have been to either sue the offending schools, or show up at school boards to voice their concerns where the arrogant administrators either ignore them or afterwards laugh at them. Long ago, when “toxic masculinity” was considered the norm, such arrogant perverts would have been dragged out of their meetings, or the schools, and beaten to a coma, but we are now living in a time of lesser “toxic masculinity.”

Sometimes, though, the old school ways are the best.


Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired research psychologist, and author of A Book of Many Books, When Evolution Stops and Orlando Stories.