There are some new sheriffs in town

President Trump seized the moment, taking advantage of the new alignments in the Middle East.

by Phyllis Chesler

I remember when they announced the end of World War Two. The grown-ups all went outside and cheered and cheered on the streets of Borough Park. I was almost five years old and I will never forget that moment.

I remember when the United Nations voted to give the Jews our own state. By then, I was an eight-year old member of Hashomer Ha-Tzair. We listened to the vote on the radio and we all went a little crazy. I will never forget that moment either.

And so now, after nearly seventy years of Israel’s being militarily attacked by Arab armies and by Arab terrorists and defamed by the world at large; now, after more than 40 years of the United Nations legalizing Jew hatred and passing one false resolution after the other against the Jewish state; now, after UNESCO’s every bizarre and brazen attempt to de-Judaize Jerusalem—I have again lived to share the moment when an American President has actually begun the process of moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem—to signal that this city is Israel’s one and only eternal capital.

The Thought Police will spin this as Jewish arrogance recklessly provoking a ‘justifiable’ Arab wave of human homicide bombs, car ramming, and stabbing. 

Except now, there are also some new Sheriffs in town: Saudi Arabia and India for starters, countries that are well aware of the mounting dangers of both Shiite and Sunni terrorism. 

Except now, the West finally perceives, however dimly, that Israel has long been on the front line of Islamic terrorism and imperialism—that Islam, not Israel, has been the colonialist power. Such sudden insight is entirely due to the increase in terrorist attacks against Western capital cities.

Europe, and America under Clinton, Bush, and Obama, were indifferent to Israel’s fate and both continents have now inherited the same whirlwind of Jihad attacks.

I have survived the fake language of “peace” which has been used to characterize the two-state Oslo delusion.

I have survived all the petitions and boycotts launched by all those politically correct Jews who need to appease the very leaders who mean to annihilate us.

I have survived to see the day when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (!), of course, for its own reasons, nevertheless, stands with Israel.

May Palestinian Arabs, long held hostage by their own fearsome tyrants, and may Palestinian Jews, (well, that’s how we were once described), long held hostage by the entire world, begin the process of throwing off tyrants.

Both heaven and earth may yet be witnessing another miracle.

First published in Israel National News.


4 Responses

  1. Truth is a bitter pill. Doing the right Thing is often even more painful. Nevertheless, Trump is doing something that should have been done in 1948. Israel is real, Palestine is, and always has been, a toxic pipe dream.

  2. Trump is doing the right thing when one considers the psychology of those in the region opposed to the move. It’s a case of setting limits for those who go into rages when they don’t get their way and are stuck in the “Mine!” phase, where they think they own everything exclusively. Daddy Trump is firmly telling the region’s toddlers they are not the only ones in the world.

  3. Palestine is no pipedream for it’s Muslim residents. Some of them put their lives at risk rioting and murdering Israeli Jews to prove their sincerity.
    When Palestinian Muslim leadership finally reaches agreement with Israeli leadership, the Palestinian leader will receive Anwar Sadat’s fate, assassination. After the bloody purge of the assassins and their supposed allies, an uncomfortable ‘peace’ will follow, as it has with Egypt.
    As long as the dictates of Koran and Sunna are taught, murderous zealots will disturb the peace desired by both Muslim and Jewish humanes.
    Call it Islamoveritas or screaming obviousness.
    Fealty to Allah of Medina trumps all treaties.
    Hudna, kitman, and taqiyya are in the DNA of the zealots. Beware!

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