‘Think Progress’ Iran agenda surfaces when criticizing Trump


by Rebecca Bynum

In and article published on November 3, far left radical “Think Progress” launches another attack on President Donald Trump, taking advantage of the tensions prevailing in Washington due to the Justice Department and Congressional  “Russia probes.” Bypassing the work of these institutions, radical outlet “Think Progress,” (TP) mainly funded by George Soros and highly supportive of the Iran Deal, attempted to smear Trump’s “memory capacity.” Though the hit piece authored by Aaron Rupar on the surface addresses the ongoing debate about the probe, its real goal is to hit at the opponents of the Iran 150-billion-dollar deal.

Over the past few years, TP had mounted a campaign in the defense of a deal which is sending billions to Tehran. By reading the TP piece, one can see the push to treat Trump and his Attorney General as incapable of remembering correctly, particularly regarding a meeting that took place on March 31 at the Trump hotel in Washington.

TP rails the President and the AG for not remembering if they discussed specific subjects or not. And to illustrate with a quote from a participant, Rupar wrote: ” In the days following the March 2016 meeting, Trump foreign policy adviser Walid Phares went on CNN and said that Trump “asked many, many questions.” He added: “Phares said part of the discussion focused on ‘the kind of coalitions we need we from now on’ to fight ISIS.”

First off, Phares doesn’t go on CNN as he has a contract with Fox News. Wrong citation. Second, TP quotes Phares describing Trump asking “many questions,” in general, not at that meeting. Last, it is correct that Phares mentioned a focus on coalitions against ISIS, but that was in a different context. Strange that “Think Progress” quotes the scholar when they need him, and smear him over the years, as they did since 2011, because precisely Dr Phares has been intellectually exposing the agenda of Russia’s allies in the region, Iran and Assad, for years.

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