This Week’s Instructions From On High

by Phyllis Chesler

When referring to the Torah, Writings, Mishna, and Talmud, our sages say “turn it, turn it, you will find everything in it,” I still did not expect to find this sentence in this week’s parasha “Ki Tisa.” Those who serve God are instructed to “wash their hands and feet (so that they will) not die.” And this is “an eternal decree” for “generations.”

I do not use the Torah as if it were the I Ching, as if it were a divining tool, to find one’s entire destiny or one’s daily horoscope. However, this God-given instruction is very specific, and quite apt during a time of plague. Truly, this treasured legacy is a Tree of Life.

I must thank my friend Rahel Eynan-Shargal who called this to my attention and who viewed this as an “insane” coincidence. But some say that there are no coincidences…

May we all stay close to home, keep in touch, and stay safe. Shabbat Shalom.