4th night of violence: Three injured amid unrest over planned Koran burnings in Sweden

Sky News has details of the 4th night of violence.

On Sunday, a crowd of about 150 people threw stones at police officers and set fire to cars in the eastern city of Norrkoping.

Mr Paludan and his Stram Kurs party had organised a demonstration in the area but never showed up, Swedish media reported.

Police responded to the protest by firing warning shots, but three people were “hit by ricochets” and taken to hospital.

They were later “arrested on suspicion of crime,” police said.

Unrest was also reported in the nearby city of Linkoping, where Mr Paludan had planned to hold a demonstration but he later cancelled. On Facebook, the politician said he made the decision because Swedish authorities were “completely incapable” of protecting him or themselves.

Similar demonstrations took place in the country’s third-largest city, Malmo, which saw a city bus and other objects set alight. A dozen police officers were injured and four emergency vehicles were set alight in the central city of Orebro after riots broke out on Friday.

The newsfeed has comments

  • The ‘far right’ didn’t show up, but the riots are still their fault? The media manipulation of these “extremist” stories is becoming so farcical that the obvious answer of why they do it (left influencing) is becoming suspicious.
  • They surely prove Mr Paludan’s point for him.  It is strange how the term “far-right” gets used to describe folk who oppose an ideology of religious supremacism, misoxeny, misogyny, gay-hatred, etc.
  • So Mr Paludan did nothing and still they burn out emergency vehicles , that help all without favour not the way you act in civilized society

One Response

  1. When kids don’t play by the same rules the playground becomes a slayground.
    How surprised will we be at the call for body bags?

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