Three Things That Annul A Muslim’s Prayers

In the Sahih Bukhari hadith (No. 491) we read this bizarre statement, “When any one of you stands for prayer, his prayer would be cut off by (the passing of an) ass, a woman or a black dog.” My first reaction was boisterous laughter. But on second thought, this hadith perfectly illustrates the dualistic nature of Islam plus its inherent evil.

This hadith speaks volumes about what Islam thinks about women. First, dogs are considered unclean in Islam. A better translation would be that dogs are filth. All filth is repugnant to Allah. Donkeys or asses are regarded as the dumbest animals on the planet. So women are both filthy and stupid. Of course, this view squares with everything Mohammed taught about women. Mohammed is certainly the most influential misogynist who ever lived. And he has bequeathed his hatred of women to generations of Muslims even down to the present.

But this hadith also teaches us something about Allah. Even a donkey, or a dog, or (Paradise forbid !) a woman is more powerful than this tiny, ineffectual god. Mortal creatures have the power to cut off prayer to the Almighty Allah. Allah is the most wimpy of gods. In fact, he is so wimpy he is no god at all ! Allah is simply the creation of mad Mohammed’s insane mind. The mighty Allah can be defeated by a woman. You Muslims ever hear the Helen Reddy song “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”?

Dear Muslim ladies: Take off your burkhas and hijabs . Join the 21st Century. Liberate yourselves.