Tim Scott and Joy Behar

by Gary Fouse

This week, Tim Scott (R-SC) announced that he is running for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. As could have been predicted, Scott’s announcement was greeted by sheer ugliness on The View. Since Scott is a black conservative and a Republican, people like Joy Behar have nothing but contempt for him. It was Behar who showed her typical ignorance and hate by comparing Scott to Clarence Thomas (in an unfavorable light since she hates Thomas as well).

In a way, we should be thankful to Behar for helping bring an important argument out into the spotlight. The issue is how black conservatives are treated by the left. It is a disgraceful aspect of today’s American culture.

I have said many times and written many times that, in my opinion, black conservatives are the most intellectually stimulating people in our society. That is because it takes real courage to go against the flow and take conservative opinions. It takes real courage for people like Scott, Thomas, Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, and others to state that white racism is not the biggest challenge facing black Americans today. Yes, it takes real courage because when you step forward, there will be ignorant people like Behar and her colleagues on the view who will talk about you in the ugliest of terms.

I consider Scott to be a serious senator, unlike so many who simply occupy a seat and do nothing. At the moment, my favorite for the nomination is Ron DeSantis, but Scott is right behind him. I certainly would not mind seeing an eventual DeSantis-Scott (or Scott-DeSantis) ticket.

Now that Scott is in the race and Behar has made headlines with her typical ugly attack, this issue will be front and center. It is an issue that deserves more attention, and this may be the key to bringing it out in the open. Black conservatives deserve to have their voices heard just like anyone else, and we as conservatives (of any color) should support them. I wish Senator Scott well in his campaign, and as they say, don’t let the bastards get you down.