Tommy Robinson found to be in contempt of court at retrial.

I am on holiday at the moment, away from London in an area where WiFi access is patchy, to put it mildly. But  this evening I have managed to catch up with the news of Tommy Robinson’s retrial at the Old Bailey and friends who attended outside in support.

To be brief he was convicted again and will be sentenced again next week. As he is out on bail until then I have hopes for either a non custodial sentence, or at the worst a term commensurate with that already served. But I’m not hopeful; the establishment wants to set an example to discourage us all.

To add insult to injury a traffic warden ticketed the bus from which Tommy and others spoke outside the court for parking violations (everywhere in London is a potential violation, Londoners treat it as an extra random tax)

A traffic warden cackled with laughter yesterday after slapping the Tommy Robinson support bus with a parking ticket. Despite being booed by hecklers, the man openly grinned and told cameras ‘I do love my job sometimes,’ as he walked away from the crowd.

Speakers included one of the grooming gang’s victims and a former policewoman. I can’t access her speech yet but I’m told she spoke of the instructions given nationwide to officers as to how to play down the allegations made by young girls.

The Independent newspaper did a live blog over both days with a sneering undertone.

The Telegraph was more measured

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media was indeed naive.

Tommy’s supporters expressed their dismay and disappointment so it could be heard. 


2 Responses

  1. Tommy should flee the Ummah Kaliphate, and move to Canada or US as a refugee: this is a real refugee situation, unlike the millions on the border from Honduras or Guatemala.

  2. Ezra Levant was indeed naive—this despite being a lawyer himself. He believed in the law and that justice would take its course. Many others were also naive – anyone who expected justice, logic, fair treatment, or proportionality was shocked at the verdict. Ezra was right though in his conclusion: the UK must now be classified as an “unfree” country.

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