Tommy Robinson speaks at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London

To London on a cold (0°C, snow, yes not as cold as Manitoba but parky for SE England) to see or hear Tommy Robinson at Speaker’s Corner giving the speech which Martin Sellner of Generation Identity (Austria)  intended to give last week, but he was forbidden entry to the UK. Lutz Bachmann, the founder of Pegida also hoped to attend from Dresden, but he was turned back at Stansted Airport in Essex this morning. According to Breitbart his luggage was searched, the text of his speech was found and this, with the admission that he is acquainted with Tommy Robinson was enough to bar him from the UK.  

Tommy was due to speak at 3pm; my husband and I arrived at half past 2 and there was quite a crowd. 

There were a few Muslims and a small number of people who had an appearance one associates with hard-line left-wing agitators. But no organised lines of antifa/UAF/Hope not Hate with their usual placards and chants.

A procession led by a flag-bearer carrying the Union Flag approached from Marble Arch. Back in the early 70s there was a band called Chicory Tip who had a song called Son of my Father. As a chart hit it was a minor one, but the riff was very catchy and quickly became a football chant, which it remains to this day. Today the words to that riff were “Tommy! Tommy! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Robinson. ” 

With numbers swelled as they surged towards the waiting crowd the police moved into positions and the contingent that we had identified as ‘the opposition’ ran. They spent the rest of the meeting waiting at some distance, and later as Tommy finished they melted away. Meanwhile we awaited Tommy’s arrival. There are limits on what is allowed at Speaker’s Corner. Normally placards are not allowed but today the police were not being over-officious in having them removed.

We estimated about 2000 in attendance. I’m short; some people had come very well prepared.

Others were more agile and athletic

Members of Generation Identity UK handed out leaflets; personable young men with good manners. 

Then Tommy and his party arrived to a warm welcome, cheers and chants. There were flags of several nations, Austria, the Union Flag, England, Israel and the Stars and Stripes.

I couldn’t hear Tommy and not everybody saw him but the text of the speech he delivered is here. 


The speech completed there were cheers and Tommy and his party and supporters processed away. While we were watching this had quietly set up behind us. Two Muslims who are frequently at Speakers Corner, who go by the names Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah, had been vocal during the week about what and how Tommy would be defeated.

I don’t think this dawa merchant is either of them. However he was soon surrounded by a knowledgeable group before whom he was floundering in his efforts to explain what a proper paedophile is, and how his prophet Mohammed was not one such. 

As a young woman I was talking to, who had travelled from Hertfordshire north of London, said “It doesn’t matter that we didn’t actually see Tommy (bless him) what mattered was to be here to show how many we are.” 

Today was a good show. 


Photographs Esmerelda Weatherwax and her husband. London March 2018


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  1. Thanks for the report and pictures. Unfortunately, my health is not robust enough to allow me to attend but I was there in spirit.

    God bless and keep up the good work.

  2. and it came to pass…..Great Britain ceased to be great, then the original inhabitants ceased to call themselves British. The New Caliphate smiled and rested.

  3. and it came to pass…..Great Britain ceased to be great, then the original inhabitants ceased to call themselves British. The New Caliphate smiled and rested.

  4. I declare Tommy Robinson the new King of England. The current government does not serve the people and it is now our native duty to remove it. Tommy should run for office, lead UKIP or start his own party. Upon seizing power we purge all traitors.

  5. Just to point out, the flags from left to right are: Canada’s British Columbia flag, a Union Jack, the Austrian flag, Israel’s flag and another Union Jack.

  6. Islam is supremacist and is therefore incompatible with western civilization. The koran denies freedom of religion and therefore is not protected by freedom of religion.

  7. Reminds me a bit of that saying of Archimedes – “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world”.

    Perhaps Speakers Corner might become that ‘place to stand’.

  8. A fair and accurate account of the event. I was too far away to hear Tommy also. However I WAS there and it was FREEZING.

  9. I am somewhat amused by the dawa artists handing out free copies of the Koran. Esmerelda – what translation was it? Was it the Saudi -authorised ‘Noble Quran”?? Because I seem to recall that during his last stay in prison, Mr Robinson was given a Quran by some Muslims… some very, very foolish Muslims. Because up until then, though his commonsense and gut instinct had told him that there was *something* ‘off’, something wrong – indeed, dangerous, menacing – about Muslims, and Islam – he had NOT read the Quran. Too busy with mustering up an immediate infidel response to obvious mohammedan aggression and provocation as at Luton. But.. in prison.. he had PLENTY of time to read. He read the Quran. Oh, yes, he read the Quran! And as he read the Quran he was putting 2 and 2 together. The little light-bulbs were flashing – Oh, so THAT’S why they (the Muslims) behave like that! Oh, so *that’s* where they are taught this and that and the other awful attitude and practice. He saw the unholy Quran, the Book of War, for what it was: a declaration of war against everybody who refuses to Submit to mohammed the war-lord and mohammed’s bloody demon god. No way was he even interested in converting… rather, his resolve to *oppose* the jihad was confirmed and galvanised. Iron in the soul. Strikes me that many of those who attended this demonstration, if they have NOT read the Quran, and out of curiosity take a free copy home, may be… similarly enlightened. Similarly *repulsed*. Similarly galvanised to oppose Islam with all the energy they can muster; galvanised to get Muslims – who obey that horrible book – OUT of Britain, and not let any more in, not at *any* price. Mr Dawa-man may be shooting himself in the foot, well and truly.

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