Tommy Robinson’s appeal hearing – Judges reserved judgment until later this month (we hope)

Stephen Lennon’s (aka Tommy Robinson) appeal against committal to prison and a sentence of 13 months imprisonment for Contempt of Court was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice this morning. Some supporters were present in the public gallery, and outside; others of us followed the live feed of the Independent newspaper (an organ that is taking their fear of the ‘rise of the far right’ VERY seriously) and the tweets of Ezra Levant of Rebel Media. 

Tommy had a very competent counsel, a silk, who made all the right arguments. The CPS lawyer was put straight by the The Lord Chief Justice once or twice, which is always good. 

The Judges (Sir Ian Burnett, the LCJ) Mr Justice Turner and Mrs Justice McGowan adjourned for lunch and returned shortly after 2pm to announce that they 

“We will reserve our judgement, This is obviously a case that attracts a certain amount of public interest reflected by the number of people in court. . . we “need some time” to consider our judgement and will try “our level best to complete it before the end of July”.

Mr Dein QC for Tommy submitted that the time he has already served since May is quite sufficient for any contempt committed and argued for his immediate or quick release. No decision and a further wait is therefore something of a disappointment. But hope springs eternal in the human breast. 

From Mr Levant – The Lord Chief Justice complimented the public gallery for their good conduct – which is nice to hear.