Traffic blocked in Dublin city centre as protesters break through garda cordon after stabbing of three children on Parnell Square

From the Irish Independent. Word from the alternative Gript Media is that the perpetrator is Algerian. Police so far has said there is not a terrorist motive, but stabbing primary school age children and putting a 5 year old girl in intensive care isn’t a peaceful action.

All traffic and public transport through O’Connell Street has been blocked by protesters gathering near the scene where three children and a women were stabbed on Parnell Square. A number of buses cannot pass the group to turn onto the street, while the Green line Luas also remains suspended.

Protesters have since broken through a garda cordon and could be heard chanting “get them out”. A Garda armed support unit vehicle was forced to turn around after a group of protestors blocked the path forward.

A strong garda presence remains at Parnell Square tonight.

The attack on the three children and a woman occurred shortly after 1pm near Parnell Square on the northside of Dublin. The three children have been taken to hospital, with one girl in serious condition.

The young girl (5) is in a critical condition at Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

A boy (5) and a girl (6) were taken to Crumlin Children’s Hospital for their injuries. The boy has since been discharged.

In total five people have been hospitalised including a man and a woman.

The woman’s condition is described as serious.

From the Irish Times

A male (50s), who is a person of interest to gardai, is receiving treatment. Gardaí have ruled out any possible terrorist motive and consider a man in his 50s, who has also been taken for treatment for serious injuries, to be the chief suspect in the case. Don’t the police always say that these days? They are not looking for anyone else in relation to their investigation.

A woman in her 30s was being treated for serious injuries at the Mater Hospital. The Irish Times understands she was an employee of the school or afterschool care facility the children were attending.

A number of passerby intervened on the street shortly after the attack began and subdued the suspect, took a knife from him and threw the knife across the street into a grassy area close to the Garden of Remembrance.

Early indications suggest a man tried to attack a number of young people, including children, and that passers-by intervened. The motive for the attack, which occurred close to a school on the street, has not been established. However the young men of Dublin are in no doubt that such a person is no longer welcome in the city. 

Siobhan Kearney, an eyewitness, said she had been having a cigarette outside the Rotunda hospital when the incident happened: “I spotted a guy with a stabbing motion across the road and people screaming, so I look across the road and there was fellas there and they pulled the guy off the children. There was a good few kids. They were only just after finishing school. I’d say they were between the ages of 4, 5 and 6. No older.”