Training manuals in the Grand Mosque of Brussels are advocating jihad to future imams


From The Brussels Times and Politico

The training of imams, delivered in Arabic, within the Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium (known as “the CICB”), which houses the Grand Mosque of Brussels, is currently inciting followers to enter into armed jihad.

They are also being encouraged to persecute homosexuals and to hold anti-Semitic views. The conclusions emerged in a report by the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (“OCAM”), exposed on Wednesday in La Libre, DH, the Sudpresse publications and De Standaard, as well as the RTL-TVI television channel.The body found that training manuals used in Brussels’ Grand Mosque, as well as other institutions, contained “outdated and extremely conservative language” and teachings that stand in “stark contrast with Belgian or European social contexts,”

According to La Libre, which saw a copy of the report, the manuals contained anti-Semitic and homophobic passages, as well as violent calls to jihad. . . . . .one of which forms part of educational material around the leadership of Al-Qaeda. In one text, Jews are reportedly called “a corrupt, avaricious and perfidious people,” while another said homosexuals should be thrown off buildings and stoned.

The analysis covers the academic year 2016 to 2017, and was recently submitted to the Parliamentary Review Committee for the Implications of the Brussels Attacks. The committee will discuss the analysis on Wednesday.

OCAM warned in February that extreme strains of Islam threatened to drive out the moderates in Belgium. In March, the Belgian government announced it would end its long-term lease of the Grand Mosque — the country’s largest and oldest mosque — to the Saudi royal family, as part of its counterterrorism efforts. The notice period ends in March 2019.

A further encouraging sign is the OCAM stating that a new generation of imams is emerging in Belgium. La Libre observes that these imams are arguing for a contemporary interpretation of the Islamic texts.

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