Transgender activists protest at women’s rally with ‘arm trans kids’ poster

Sadly, we know from Rebecca’s assessment of the murders in Nashville what can happen when a ‘trans’ person gets a gun and synthetic opposite sex hormones.

From the Telegraph

Masked trans activists on Sunday rallied behind a banner saying “arm trans kids” to counterprotest a women’s rights event. Uniformed police marshalled the scene to prevent the clash descending into violence in London’s Hyde Park.

Transgender activists confronted gender-critical Let Women Speak advocates leading to the standoff, with officers positioning themselves between the two factions.

Trans rights demonstrators prominently displayed signs proclaiming “arm trans kids” and “trans joy will outlive you all”. Additionally, one banner held by protesters who obscured their faces with umbrellas, read: “Terfs off our turf, defending trans lives.” The banner is horribly sinister, using a very popular toy car intended for the pre-school/infant school age group.  If anything shows how these children are being groomed this does.

Members of Let Women Speak wore bright pink high visibility vests and formed a linked line while facing off the counterprotesters.  This is Kellie-Jay Keen addressing the women and I’m happy to say I agree with every word.

The Met Police confirmed that three arrests had been made during the incident and investigations were ongoing.

The most recent clash came in the wake of revelations by the Telegraph that a trans lobby group was involved in drafting NHS plans for treating gender-questioning children. Susie Green, the former chairman of the charity Mermaids, participated in a task group responsible for reviewing services at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation transgender clinic. Mermaids are evil; their patron saint can only be Dr Mengele himself with his vile experiments. 

Details from the service specification, which outlines treatment for children, revealed that “hormone blockers will now be considered for any children under 12”.


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