Trump’s Gift

by Janet Charlesworth

I feel the events in Washington last week handed the “Left” and the globalist corporate elites a Gift which we can anticipate they will use to the utmost for some time to come.  It’s a Gift that will overshadow all the evidence gathered so far of fraud in the 2020 election (see the Navarro Reports), and it will overshadow any objective evaluation of the effectiveness of the economic and foreign policies Trump instigated.  It will legitimize the use of the label “deplorables” for all those who vote Republican, and devalue and delegitimize any and all resistance to globalization, political correctness and “Woke” ideology. 

It was a mega mega mistake.

When Trump finally leaves the White House, I expect the whole World will breathe a sigh of relief, and then get back on the globalist agenda with renewed commitment. 

Trump’s persona, and presentation of himself, is no doubt what is required for a TV show, but its not what we want for a statesman, especially one as important as the President of the United States. 

What is important about Trump is that he saw the distress and alienation being felt by so many Americans who experienced the politicians in Washington as being subject to the impositions of the Left globalist agenda, which they felt as uncaring of them, their jobs, their families, their homes, and their communities. Trump promised to change that, and it was on that platform that he was elected – and he did what he promised he would do, and he did change that. That’s the reality that those who are coming into power now need to take into consideration.  Notwithstanding all the allegations of fraud around the 2020 Election, its clear that at least 74 million Americans voted for Trump.

For all of us who:

are for democracy, nation states and elected representatives, with limited terms of office, and are against totalitarianism;

are for free trade, and against China buying up western economies or a country’s economy and its people being in the control of the profit agendas of corporate globalist elites;

are for peace in the world, and are dismayed to see the corruption in the UN Assembly;

are for free speech, and against political correctness and the “cancel culture”;

are for freedom of religion, and against fundamentalist terrorists;

are for respect for a country’s borders and immigration policies, and against illegal incursions of same;

the list could go on and on – but just from the above, if that’s what we are for, we are likely to have voted Conservative, or Republican.  If we did, I feel we are in for a rough ride now. The Left will want to continue to categorize anyone with views that don’t accord with their own as unfit for consideration in “decent” society.  That’s something they’ve been doing for some time, but on an insecure and perhaps fearful basis in view of the evident support for Trump – which fear was perhaps manifest in the unrelenting hate poured out 24/7 from the MSM.  Now they have overwhelming righteousness on their side – handed to them by Trump.  What happened in Washington last week will be forever portrayed as Trump trying to destroy democracy and instigate mob rule in storming the Capitol in an effort to overthrow the Republic and install himself as a Dictator. 

I’ll be keeping my head even further down now, and likely for some time to come.