Trump’s tax returns are released

by Bill Corden

Can we see The New York Times’ tax returns, those of the Washington Post, Amazon and Google and see how they themselves write off millions of dollars in expenses for PGA golf tournaments, pro sports sponsorships, tennis tournaments etc.? Can we see how much they claim as business expenses for items that are essentially personal expenses?

I didn’t think so!

The problem I have with the release of these records is that 99% of the population have no clue what they mean and the 1% who do, want to use them as a hatchet.

In reality, Donald Trump doesn’t have anything to do with his returns, he just spends the money and lets accounting do the paperwork.

His accountants are paid to take advantage of every loophole possible and they, by their very nature, use these loopholes to the limit.

Trump (or any major executive for that matter) has to sign the final return but he has no clue as to the content and neither do the denizens of the NYT, the WaPo or any of the other corporate entities.

So, the moment one piece of info made public looks suspect, the ignorant jackals of the press jump all over it and make hay.

My own income is too insignificant to worry about such matters but I do think I have the right to keep my affairs private and to keep any audit reviews private.