Turkish Newspaper Dares To Publish Excerpts From Charlie-Hebdo


And a Turkish website is going to post part of the contents of the latest issue of Charlie-Hebdo on-line, here.

Davutoglu attended the march in Paris. What did he mean by attending? Was Davutoglu making a statement on behalf of freedom of the press? Or was he merely showing up to pretend, like Mahmoud Abbas, that Muslim — even Muslims who threaten and suppress their own journalists, as Abbbas and Davutoglu’s boss Erdogan have done, and who promote,or defend, or whip up, those who murder, or want to murder, Jews (as Mahmoud Abbas has done for the past half-century, first as Arafat’s henchman and now as lord of Ramallah, and as Erdogan’s boss Erdogan has done with the Turkish and Arab Hamas operatives who were on the Mavi Marmara). So will Davutoglu try to suppress the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet?

As the article states, it is not necessary for the government in a Muslim-dominated land to enforce the Shari’a. It can count on the primitives who will, individually or in mobs, enforce the Will of Allah, protect the “image” of that Perfect Man Muhammad. The Mayor of Istanbul has already been making threats, whipping up the potential mobs, the odd killers. That’s what happens everywhere — in Pakistan it is not the state that kills the Christians acccused of blasphemy. It’s the individuals on the street, or the mobs who come to stab them to death, or burn them alive. And then the Muslims who do the killing are seldom prosecuted, and if prosecuted, always get off. That’s how the Shari’a is enforced.