Two jailed after Oxford child sexual exploitation trial


From the Oxford Mail

TWO men who ‘sexually humiliated’ a young girl have been jailed for a total of 20 years. Kamran Khan, 36, of Northfield Road, Bolton, and Raheem Ahmed, 40, of Starwort Path, Oxford, had both already been convicted after a five-month hearing into child sexual exploitation in the city.

The major trial, one of the biggest in Oxford Crown Court’s history, saw a total of eight men convicted for running a child grooming ring on a ‘massive’ scale across the city. Six of the group – Moinul Islam, Kameer Iqbal, Khalid Hussain, Alladitta Yousaf, Assad Hussain and Haji Khan – will each be sentenced separately…(in June)

Judge Peter Ross heard at Oxford Crown Court how the girls were left permanently scarred by the abuse. 

Ahmed forced a teenage girl when she was 14 to perform oral sex on him in a car while his friends watched on and ‘rejoiced’, the court heard. The court heard a group of other unidentified men had also been present during the abuse and had been ‘rejoicing’ at what was going on. 

On another occasion he fondled a different teenage girl down an alleyway then ejaculated on her. The court was also told how Khan grabbed a teenage girl off a boy she was kissing and dragged her around the back of a pavilion where he pushed her to her knees and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.

On another occasion, both men locked a teenage girl in a room where they forced her to take off her top. They then mocked and humiliated her as they threw substances at her face and rubbed it into her skin.

Kahn and Ahmed threatened to lock the girl in the basement where ‘no-one would find her and she would die’ and said they would kill her if she told anyone what had happened in what Judge Ross described as a ‘terrifying and protracted period of false imprisonment.’

In mitigation, the men’s defence barristers, Sally Howes QC for Ahmed and Derek Johashen for Khan, said their clients had been ‘opportunists’ in their offending and had not been acting as part of a child sex ‘gang’.
Sentencing, Judge Peter Ross said while Khan and Ahmed had carried out ‘serious’ offences they had played a lesser role than the other men who were also convicted in the trial.

He said: “You were both convicted of serious offences following a lengthy trial which has been characterised as ultimately a grooming case. I am prepared to sentence you two defendants separately from the other defendants on the basis that at worst you were on the periphery of this group.”

Khan was jailed for a total of eight years, made up of three years for the indecent assault and five years for false imprisonment, to run consecutively.

Ahmed was jailed for a total of 12 years made up of five years for the false imprisonment, two years for one indecent assault and five years for another, all to run consecutively.

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