Two More Bite the Dust: Aussie-Passport-Holding Muslims Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, Formerly Neil Prakash, and Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammad Vaporised By Air Strikes

If this is in fact the case then I am sure that AFP (Australian Federal Police), ASIO and other bodies charged with trying to keep tabs on that ever-multiplying Tinyminorityofextremists who have NothingtodowithIslam will be gleefully scratching their names off of the long, long list of People to Worry About. 

As reported by our  ABC this morning.

“Islamic State: Two Australians Killed in US Air Strikes, Including Terrorist Recruiter Neil Prakash”

Australians”?? No.  “Aussie-passport-holding Muslims”.   – CM

‘Australia’s most wanted terrorist Neil Prakash (that is, Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, formerly known as Neil Prakash – CM), has been killed in a US air strike on the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq.

Good riddance. – CM

‘The ABC understands Prakash was among a gathering of IS operatives targeted on April 29, with the United States recently confirming his death, and advising Australia.

 ‘A gathering of IS operatives’.  In other words, a Target-Rich Environment.  – CM
American authorities have also advised the Federal Government that Australian woman (sic: “formerly-Australia-resident Muslim woman” – CM) Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammad was killed in a similar air strike near the Syrian city of Al Bab a fortnight ago.

Thank you, whoever conducted that strike.   I am glad this Muslim jihad tart left Australia; I didn’t want her back; now she will never come back. – CM

‘Mohammad was the sister of Farhad Mohammad, the teenager who shot dead (that is: who murdered – CM) police accountant Curtis Cheng in Sydney last year.

And who is, I am happy to remind everyone, dead, just like his sister.  He was armed and dangerous in the street, he had just murdered someone in cold blood, and the cops took him out, fast and hard, to prevent him from causing any further harm. – CM

‘Prakash’s death is considered “significant” by Australian and American authorities because of his highly-prominent and influential role as a senior IS recruiter.

‘He was believed to have left Melbourne for Syria in 2013, where he changed his name to Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi, and was put on a US kill list.

So many converts to Islam, whether male or female, and of whatever ethnicity and non-Islamic faith background, seem to be following this sort of trajectory, of late.  Get Islam… Go Jihad.  Get vaporised by Infidel law enforcement or Infidel military.  One might almost imagine that Islam is what Churchill called it, “the religion of blood and war”, rather than the religionofpeace with only a tinyminorityofextremists who have got nothingtodowithIslam. – CM

‘A senior security official has told the ABC [that] removing (sic – CM) Prakash was a big breakthrough, as he had been linked to several Australian-based attack plans, and calls for lone-wolf attacks against the US.

‘Earlier this year Prakash was reported to have been killed in Syria, but his actual death has now been formally confirmed to Australia.

‘Prakash had also appeared in IS propaganda, including a chilling video message released 12 months ago, which called for attacks on Australia.

“My beloved brothers in Islam in Australia, now is the time to rise, now is the time to wake up, now is the time to rush for the (inaudible) Allah has promised you”, he said in the video.  “You must start attacking before they attack yoiu.  Look how much of your sisters have been violated“.

Classic Islamic reversal of reality.  Who has been violating whom, wholesale, in England, and in Germany, and in Iraq and Syria where all those Christian and Yazidi girls and women have been seized and raped and enslaved and sold as slaves to Muslim masters in Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf?  Who has been violating whom in Egypt and Pakistan, where Muslim men with absolute impunity continually abduct and rape and force ‘convert’ non-Muslim girls and women?  Who has been violating whom, in Northern Nigeria? The girls of Chibok, 200 of them, were kidnapped from their high school, by Muslims.  Nearly all of them were Christians. They were raped, beaten, starved, psychologically destroyed.  What is this Muslim talking about? Have Infidel men been raping and kidnapping and force-converting Muslim females anywhere in the West?? No, no, and again, no.  It is Muslim men, all over the world, who have been violating and are violating and proudly boast of their intention of violating and enslaving non-Muslim females. – CM

‘Meanwhile, Mohammad (that is, the Muslim female, sister to the murderer of Curtis Cheng – CM) is believed to have been killed alongside her Sudanese husband, Abu Sa’ad al-Sudani, in Syria in an air strike on April 22.

‘A statement from Attorney-General George Brandis and Defence Minister Marise Payne said the pair were both active recruiters of foreign fighters on behalf of ISIl, and had been inspiring attacks against Western interests.

That is: “against Western Kuffar targets”.  – CM

‘Deakin University counter-terrorism expert Greg Barton said little was known about Mohammad.

“Professor Barton said she travelled to Syria, apparently with the help of alleged IS supporter Milad Atai, just a day before her brother killed Mr Cheng.

And the family, the extended family, knew nothing?  I’d like to know just how thoroughly ASIO and the AFP have investigated the entire family: parents, any other siblings, and the uncles and the cousins and the aunts. Because I am prepared to bet that at least some of them were in on it and knew all about it. – CM

‘The siblings only came to the attention of authorities after the shooting”, he said.’

Ockham’s Razor, therefore, tells me that nobody was ratting them out.  It defies belief that nobody around them suspected they were up to something, plotting jihad, plotting to kill Australians, plotting to go join Islamic State.  And nobody told the authorities. Nobody made even one phonecall.  Nothing.  We were blindsided, because of al wala wa al -baraa, Loyalty and Enmity.  – CM

“In fact, they probably had no connections with IS guys until perhaps just as early as weeks before [the shooting]”, Professor Barton told 702 ABC Sydney.

Really?  But in any case: they were already members of the Allah Gang, the Mohammedan Mob.  They were already ‘primed’.  And there are plenty of Mohammedans who have Gone Jihad without the instigation of the Islamic State.  All it takes is for someone – whether a ‘cradle Muslim’ or a convert – to take Islam fully to heart. – CM

“But then she was caught up in the same web of recruitment that caught up her young brother, and then she evidently married when she went to Syria, and she and her husband were killed.”

Caught up’.  Note the passive voice.  Not ‘joined’.  Not ‘sought out’.  Professor Barton is trying very hard to absolve these two zealous young jihadists of any personal responsibility for their actions; to represent them as innocent, helpless victims.  And of course, by focusing on a ‘web of recruitment’ he is diverting scrutiny away from where the journey to Jihad begins: in the home, if a person is reared Muslim, and in the mosque.  – CM

“She would have been 20 or 21 years old”.

So?   In Australia at age 17 you are old enough to drive.  At age 18 you are considered old enough to vote and to drink.  This young woman was a young woman, a young adult, not a helpless child.  – CM

‘Professor Barton described Prakash as a “desperate kid looking for meaning” who had converted to Islam just a year before travelling to Syria.

From conversion to full-on Jihad, one year. That’s a very swift transition.  Can the Professor name any person who has converted to Judaism, to Christianity, or to Buddhism, who has followed a similar path, from ‘the search for meaning’ to the making of menacing videos calling for the ritualised mass murder of persons who were once his neighbours, kin and fellow citizens?  And note again the infantilisation of a fully adult and dangerous human being. – “a desperate kid”.  Neil Prakash was *23*.  That is not a ‘kid’. That is a full adult.  In the western world the age of majority – legal adulthood – used to be set at 21.  

A little more about this ‘desperate kid’ and his ‘search for meaning’ here, in an article from the Melbourne “Age”.

From that article, I quote – “One day I was thinking to myself, there’s more to Islam than just praying”, he says in the clip.  He says he decided to leave Australia after reading a passage in the Koran about “the three that missed the battle”. So, he slipped out of Melbourne, bound for Syria…”. 

He read the Koran. He Went Jihad.  Oh, the poor, helpless, misled soul.. And although Prof Barton, by talking about Prakash having converted ‘just a year before’ going to Syria, seems to be trying to divert scrutiny from Islam by hinting that Prakash could not possibly have had a proper or complete understanding of the belief system and Organisation that he had joined, the article I have linked rather suggests  the reverse: that Prakash understood Islam, full-throated Islam, very well indeed. – CM

“He was “no mastermind” but he had been effective in helping to radicalise (sic: rather, “recruit for Jihad” – CM) people (sic: not just any ‘people’; I’m sure that practising Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Jews, and our large contingent of red-hot rationalists and atheists, were quite impervious to his message; the ‘people’ he was addressing were Muslims, Muslims, Muslims all – CM) in Sydney and Melbourne, Professor Barton said.

And if there were no Muslims at all in Sydney and Melbourne, the message would pretty much fall on deaf ears, allowing of course for the existence of a few gullible or evilly-inclined souls prepared to convert to Islam; and there would be a lot fewer of those if our media and academy and those in authority, both religious and secular, were – instead of drowning us in Islamopuffery morning, noon and night – taking every opportunity to expose Islam and its adherents to richly-deserved rational critique and equally-well-deserved ridicule and scorn. – CM

“This ability to recruit makes his loss significant and very welcome, but, I mean, there’s others after him”, he said.  “But he’s the last most prominent Australian (sic: ‘Aussie-passport-holding Muslim jihad recruitment officer’ – CM) that we’re aware of.”

There will be others.  Count on it.  So long as we are stupid enough to keep on making excuses for Islam, and allow the dawa artists and Islamophiles free rein whilst suppressing pretty much all real criticism and questioning of Islam as such, there will be others, other “Neil Prakashes” and Jake Bilardis. – CM

‘The Federal Government said the two killings should remind Australians (sic: rather, “Australia-resident Muslims” – CM) that those (sic: say, rather, “Muslims” – CM) who engaged in terrorist activity (who Went Jihad – CM) and moved into overseas conflict zones (sic: ‘who went off to wallow in blood in jihad hotspots overseas’ – CM) were placing themselves and others at significant risk.”

Muslims that plot Jihad in Australia represent a threat to all non-Muslim Australians.  I couldn’t care two straws for the risk they themselves run by so doing.  If they choose to behave like enemy combatants and assassins and attack us then if they get shot dead by our police – as the murderer of Curtis Cheng was shot, and as the murderer of Tori Johnson was shot dead, and as the young Muslim man who attempted to stab to death two Aussie cops, was shot – that’s their funeral. And as for those that gallop off overseas to wallow in the Jihad blood-bath in places like Iraq or Syria… the only thing that concerns me is that our foolish and wilfully misinformed authorities are not making sure that all such persons, once known to have departed, are prevented from ever returning.  And if they get themselves killed over there, whether they blow themselves up or get obliterated by a US air strike or by Shiite or Alawite bullets (if Sunni) or by Sunni bullets (if Shiite) I simply could not care less.  

Incidentally, if the Government thinks that pointing out the ‘significant risk’ to ‘themselves and others’ that is incurred by persons joining Islamic State, will deter them from so doing, they have another think coming.  Those who Go Jihad are doing so in in the light of the classic Islamic belief that those who ‘slay and are slain’ waging ‘jihad fi sabil allah’, jihad in the ‘path’ of ‘allah’, attain ‘paradise’.  The Government should quit trying to influence hearts and minds, and focus, grimly, on reducing the threat that the Ummah Fifth Column poses toward every non-Muslim in Australia.   A complete halt to immigration of all identifiable Muslims would be a good start.  The shutting down and demolitiion of all mosques associated with jihad attacks and/ or the plotting and / or incitement of same, would also be useful.  And as for those who, like Neil Prakash and Ms Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammed, set off to ‘migrate’ to the Caliphate, the thing to do is to let them go – do nothing to prevent or dissuade them from departing! the more of them leave the better! let them deport themselves! –  then annul their passports, annul their citizenship (or declare them Exile and Outlaw) and thus prevent them from ever returning. And some sort of program aimed specifically at rationally discouraging Aussie Infidels – such as Mr Prakash once was – from converting to Islam, is long overdue.  It’s a total waste of time – and, worse, money! – to futz around with ‘deradicalisation’ programs aimed at ‘cradle Muslims’.  But an intelligent program aimed all-out at immunising young infidels against the deadly siren song of Mohammedan dawa would be well worth a try.  The fewer people convert to Islam, the better.  CM