Two people arrested after car ‘deliberately’ mows down 14 pedestrians outside Melbourne train station – Police say incident a deliberate act

From Yahoo News Australia, The Age,  and The Australian

Australian police have described a car colliding with pedestrians outside a major train station in Melbourne as a “deliberate act”. A white SUV showed no sign of slowing as it hit people at the busy intersection of Flinders and Elizabeth streets about 4.40pm, including some waiting at a tram stop. More than a dozen people – including a preschool-aged child – have been injured, some seriously, as a result of the white Suzuki SUV driving into crowds outside Flinders Street station just after 4.30pm (5.30am GMT). 

Witnesses described “people flying everywhere” while images from the scene showed a number of people receiving medical attention.”  A preschool-aged child is among the injured and has been taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital in a serious condition with head injuries.

Sky News said the driver of the SUV was of Middle Eastern appearance and that he was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed following the crash. Police arrested the driver of the Suzuki SUV along with a second man. Both are in police custody. The men have not been charged at this stage, police said before indicating they would not give information out on the perpetrators.

Speaking during a press conference at the scene just after 7pm, Commander Russell Barrett did not rule out terrorism as a possible motive. Earlier, an officer at the scene described it as a terrorist incident, but this was not confirmed.


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  1. As we guessed, he’s a Mohammedan. Latest news reports say “an Australian citizen of Afghan descent”. If he’s from Afghanistan, it’s pretty much a dead cert that he’s a Mohammedan. He’s either Afghanistan-born mohammedan, arriving in Australia as a ‘refugee’ either as child with parents or on his own, or he’s born in Australia to Afghan Muslims to which we stupidly, foolishly gave ‘refuge’. And, surprise, surprise, he’s committed assaults in the past, he’s into drug-dealing, and … he has … as so many,many of them seem to have, all these damn attackers seem to have “mental issues”. And so it’s “not terror-related’. NothingtodowithIslam… Pfffft. None of our stupid reporters thinks to draw the attention of the inquiring mind to the curious fact that, although we have lots of psychiatrically-ill non-Muslims in Australia, and petty criminals aplenty, NONE of them have ever taken an SUV and drove it full-tilt at and through hapless pedestrians on a busy city street in broad daylight. (In the case of a previous car-ramming attack in Melbourne, there is a quite strong suspicion that the disturbed mind of the attacker was attracted to/ inclining toward Islam… funny, that… even if he might not have been an actual convert).

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