Uber-Sunnis Killing The Druze — Time For A Druzistan?


This will have repercussions. Already many Druze in Israel volunteer for the IDF. The Druze in the Golan for years pledged allegiance to the Assad regime, and deplored the pro-Israel attitudes and acts of the Druze in Israel. The Druze in Lebanon, under the mobile-weathervane leadership of Walid Jumblatt, that Levantine Vicar of Bray, echoed, not quite as fullthroatedly as some others, the standard anti-Israel sentiments everyone either Muslim or, if non-Muslim, stranded in a Muslim sea, has to echo. But Walid Jumblatt also took the side of those who wanted to overthrow Assad and the Alawites whose ruthless rule was the only guarantor of the security of minorities, which includes the Druze. And even the once-doubtful among the Druze now must recognize that the only country in the Middle East where Druze are safe is Israel, and that it is the Uber-Sunnis everywhere who are their most dangerous enemies. If you were an intelligent Druze (or Druse) would you not be wondering, wishing, hoping, that there might be a way to persuade the Israelis to help carve out, in southern Syria, an enclave for the Druze — for Syria has as little chance asĀ  does iraq of being put back together after it had its great fall, though that is for some reason never mentioned — which the Israelis would then help to protect.

And one more thing, when it comes to the Druze. Don’t overlook the power, in fashioning or affecting public opinion, of two people that Access Hollywood and People Magazine know so well: the busy London lawyer Amal and her night visitor, George.