UCSD-UC Merced Ethnic Studies Departments Statements Supporting Hamas

by Gary Fouse

Hat tip Amcha Initiative

The Ethnic Studies departments at two University of California campuses have issued statements in support of Hamas in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Specifically, we are talking about  UC San Diego and UC Merced.

I purposely say they are in support of Hamas for good reason. Although neither of their statements specifically say they support Hamas– they claim support of Palestinians– the simple fact is that it is Hamas that Israelis are fighting in Gaza. It was Hamas that brutally attacked Israel on October 7. It was Hamas who carried out inhumane atrocities against innocent Israelis on October 7, and it is Hamas that Israel rightfully now seeks to destroy in its own self-defense. To call Israel’s righteous response a genocide is outrageous. Let us not forget that the very charter of Hamas calls for the destruction of every last Jew on earth. Where I come from, we call that genocide.

In my opinion, it is Hamas that these ethnic studies fake academics are supporting. If the shoe fits, wear it.

As I have pointed out before, I take no pleasure in seeing civilian deaths in Gaza as a result of the fighting. I could point out that Gazans were celebrating October 7 and that some Gazan civilians participated in the rape and defilement of dead Israelis brought back into Gaza. I could point out that Hamas routinely fights from behind its own civilians as it is now. I could point out that in every round of fighting between these two armies, the Israelis go to great lengths to try and minimize civilian casualties. As in any war, ultimately, civilians will die, and that is a tragedy. But the blood of innocent Gazans is on the hands of Hamas, not the Israelis.

These above two letters speak volumes about what university ethnic study programs are really all about. There is nothing wrong with studying the history and culture of various ethnic groups, including when they have been subjected to discrimination. What they are in reality, however, is a divisive force that seeks to divide us by tribe and put forth the proposition that America is a racist endeavor made up of victims and oppressors. That may have had validity 60-70 years ago, but not now in my opinion. Rather than being a force for understanding and reconciliation, these departments are doing great harm. They do little to truly educate our children. Instead, they indoctrinate them.

Is it any surprise that the Ethnic Studies departments at these two UC campuses are supporting Hamas?