UK Against Hate march, Manchester, England: an honest account


I have heard good reports about the March against Hate in Manchester yesterday. This is an eye witness account by a blogger, Shy Society, who was there. No-one I know, which is excellent, as it means that the willingness to get out and make presence felt is spreading. Do follow this link and read it all. 

And the introduction by The Rebel the Canadian founded organisation that Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson work with. 

Tommy Robinson is the only white heterosexual Englishman in that banner; the others are either gay or from an ethnic minority. 

And then you can read what the BBC makes of it. 


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  1. I read the reports on this event, that appeared in the Daily Mail and in Breitbart. Then, at both, I read the many, many, many Comments. Of which a good few were by persons who identified themselves as having been present at the rally; and they confirm everything that Shy Society has said. Here. to give a hint of the flavour, is just one, that appeared in the comments thread at the DM.
    “Sidney”, identifying himself as from Bath, wrote – “I was there to do shopping, and it was the “anti-Islamophobia/ no border control” people who were refusing to move out of the way of public transport, trapping people inside. They were obnoxious even *before* the EDL arrived.”

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