Voices of Israeli Women at War Time

by Phyllis Chesler

The Center for Justice for Women in Israel, under the leadership of distinguished attorney Susan Weiss, are hosting an important podcast series which they’ve titled: “Voices of Women at Wartime.” Rivka Lubitch and Rachel Stomel conduct the interviews–and they do so very well. Listen in. Shm’a.

You can hear Israeli mother, Hannah Wacholder Katsman, talking about “When Massacre is Personal. A Mother’s Loss on October 7th.” Dr. Cochav Elyakam Levy discusses “Women’s Bodies, Violence and the UN’s Silence.” Rina Levanon talks about “When Home is not Safe: Evacuating my Family.” Atar Maor shares her experience in “Terrorists at the Door: 20 Hours in Hiding with my Children.” Yael Yechiel discusses “Who Supports the Home Front.”

And then there’s my interview just up and titled “Does Feminism Have an Antisemitism Problem?” Alas, indeed it does. “Nu, give a listen.”